Congress’s Function & Member

Nation’s Congressional Members:

The Government is no longer called government or will act upon huge decisions the HR will be doing. The congress will consist of a maximum of 7 people and all will be given Moderator until a meeting is held once a month to improve the clan but to contain any updates needed for the BOA nation in it’s current silver age state. I noticed a few members have been extremely active with me and risika so i am selecting the members that i feel are fit to join the New Congress of BOA Nation.

*7 Empty Slots*

Their job will be put simply as this:The Congress will consist of 6 Representative Members. However for a certain period of time they will be appointed by the leader, until there is enough active members that can vote upon the new Chancellor. The council is the governing body of everything that has to do with laws,rules,cases,trials and tied votes/polls. Their job is to simply make changes to the following listed if needed as a Majority rule .


The Mentor will serve as the head of the Nation’s Congress. There will be an election held every month to determine who will be the new Mentor. And with new Chancellors means new members. Mentors have the choice of choosing new Congressional members, if they are satisfied with the past members then they may choose to keep them. However, they can also choose new ones. And if the Chancellor cannot make a decision, the HR will decide for them. The Chancellor basically has all the same powers as the Council does, but is in higher authority.


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