HMM: Novian’s Section

BOA city blueprints #1


Map ID: ilijah999-novashallrise1

One year after the events of SoD: Theory. Thomas lands on planet Novon, looking for a cure. But he meets a new team. Synergy. And there planning something big.

This is just ACT 1!! To continue the story of act 1 you must do the Multiplayer story mode!!! And thats coming out TOMORROW!!!!! PLZ LIKE 5 stars!!!!!!

-Act 2 comes out soon in 3D!!! Yes. 3D!!!! We will have more info on it soon. I think this will be the second 3D game on PB2.

Part 2 of Nova shall rise is delayed due to my 3 new maps i’m currently working on. So Act 2 will be coming out maybe in December. But I hope you like Act 1!! I’m still working on the SIDE MISSIONS for act 1. They will be out soon.

LIKE 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!

Novian’s Channel:

Training Simulator:

The BOA Training Simulator will be pretty much Training in 5 levels and 2 Qualifying rounds. The first 2 levels and the 1st Qualifying round will be released this Friday!!! I hope you guys will like it.

Qualifying round #1: The 1st qualifying round will be simple. It’s easy.

Level 1: You must do a War simulator. But certain things will be timed. And you could be trapped.

Level 2: A saw training. You must get past the saw without dying!! And it will not be easy. There will be a trap section, a running platform, and a stand and jump section.


Map suggestions from members: Map ids for the training simulator,TDM and COOP in rails with swords.


2 comments on “HMM: Novian’s Section

  1. This new Coop. Team Deathmatch is going to be a Red vs Blue!! This will only be a Cooperative map ATM. The Team Deathmatch game will be out in October!! There will also be a story mode with this same map!! I will have a video on the map once it comes out!! The picture above is what it will look like!!!

    And about the Division, I want to start it next year. But there will be more info on the Woozworld division soon.

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