BOA Republic Chapt. 1 – The New Rise, Of A War

*The New Hope as begin, and old hero’s, and new members, this takes place in the future……*

*In the warzone fighting EKAT Troops*


Daemon: Fire Harder Troops!

Deadspace: YES SIR!

Daemon: *Radio: We Need Back Up Now!*

Emily: *Radio: Back Up is coming as we speak!*

*4 Assassination Flight Ship Comes in*

Daemon: Look, Back Up as came!


*In the Ship*

Titan: I want troops on all guns!

BOA Troops: Yes Sir!

Captain: Should we pick up the men from below Sir?

Titan: Yes Lower Down.

*Back at the Warzone*

Daemon: Keep hold of ground!

Deadspace: What the……..

Gnome: A Tank!? Since when did they get a tank!?

Chosen: Need….Need….Health…..

Daemon: Calm my friend, back up has came

*One of the ships lower, Titan walks out*

Titan: Alright people, Get on the ship fast!

*Gnome and Deadspace carry Chosen into the ship, Daemon follows them*

Titan: Lets move out, Now, FIRE AT THOSE MEN!

*Soilders fire at the EKAT members*

Daemon: We are safe for now

Deception: *Radio: The other men are in anouther warzone, we are gonna need you guys to get there fast to pick them up*Daemon: *Radio: Alright Urk, we will be there as soon as we clear this up*

Titan: This isn’t the beginning…..

*End of Chapt.1 The New Rise, of A War*


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