-Official Member’s List 1.0-

2016 Official Members: 22

Last Update: 6/19/2016

Higher Ranking Officers

Clan Leader:

BoreD Pro  (A)



Higher Ranks:

Thanatos (A}

Dave (I)

Dystress (A)

Lord  Risika (I)

Nyove (A)

deadly black viper (A)


LordKavar (I)

Airraid (A)




clayblob2 (A)

phoenixmaster22 (A)

shotgunranian (A)

dgdfhhgdxge (A)

Archangel (A)



Jeb seahorse


eagle force leader (A)

foreign Jay (A)

33 comments on “-Official Member’s List 1.0-

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  2. well here i am again….
    sorry for not coming a year ago.
    i was playing aqw and i suddenly felt bored as hell…
    and then curiosity lead me here XD
    its been so long guys!
    hope you remember me boredpro

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