BOA Republic – Chapt. 3 – The Black Ops

*Our Men Enter the Main Center of the BOA Global HQ Where Deception is receiving messages from his agents*

Deception: Please take a seat

Ben: Alright

Deception: I’m about to tell you some info of what we have caught EKAT doing

*Deception turns on projector*

Titan: Is this live?

Deception: Yes it is, right now the FeaRSomE Ghost Team is on a spying and destroy mission

Chosen: Shouldn’t BSD Be there?

Deception: No, FG has the best equipment to destroy things

Daemon: Question, who is there right now and what are they destroying?

Deception: Well the only people who are there is Allen and Phinxz, and there destroying the tanks you was fighting

Buzzard: That’s all? Just them 2?

Deception: Well, yea just them

Buzzard how many tanks?

Deception: I don’t know yet, we are trying to figure that out

Buzzard: Well while you guys do that, I’m gonna do my mission *Chapt. 4 – The Impossible*

Deception: Very well, you can go

Daemon: Shale we watch?

Deception: Yes let’s see what they are doing right now

*In the EKAT HQ as spies*

Allen: Um Phinxz

Phinxz: What?

Allen: I just noticed how this base is so darn red then black all the time :l

Phinxz: What you think? It’s red and black, not all colors

Allen: Shit! It’s Miranda, act cool!

Phinxz: MA’AM!

Allen: MA’AM!

Miranda: Uh…..

Phinxz: She is gone

Allen: Let’s just find these tanks and destroy them and get out of here!

Phinxz: Good point, i’m not likeing this all so dark in this HQ….

Allen: Phinxz, idk we found it

Phinxz: Well yea this is the right place

Allen: Let’s blow up this joint :3

Phinxz: With Bombs?

Allen: That, and even better, BNG’s :3

Phinxz: now your talking

*Back at BOA Global HQ*

Deception: Well they found it and right now are making a heck of a mess, but good for them

Deamon: Well i have a strike coming to pick them up with Chosen….

Deception: Good, we don’t want them to die

*Back at the EKAT HQ*

Phinxz: Awww, fuck

Allen: Shit!

Phinxz: They know we are here!

Allen: Lets make a move for it!

*Phinxz and Allen leave the base, and see there pick up has arived*

Chosen: Get on!

*Phinxz and Allen get on*

Phinxz: Good to see you again Chosen

Chosen: Same, but i want to see a black hole in that EKAT HQ….

*Chosen grabs BNG*


*Chosen shots the EKAT HQ and blows it up*

Allen: Crap! Miranda left the base already, she must of known we was there with that unexpected thing we did…..

Phinxz: Not my fault Miranda got a tracker

Chosen: We shale meet up with Deception on the next objectives

Phinxz: Ok then, i hope our next mission is in the warzone, i’m not doing spying again

Allen: Eh Spying is easy bro

Phinxz: Not like i heard

*End of Chapt. 3 – The Black Ops


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