Urkillerv the Wisdom and Intelligent’s of Many

Urk is the leader of BOA. He has been in BOA for 4 year’s in the process of leading. He was in EKAT before he joined BOA, his last rank in EKAT was a AEF, no one in BOA really doesn’t know how long he was working there but, he was demoted for a reason. I do not know how  but, he met Lord Risika in the sequence of this story. I don’t know that either but Urk will always be remembered in this clan as a inspiration and the best of the best. He has recruited over 400 members into BOA and kept us from war many times. He helped create many clans that thrive today. He is to be considered the number one Fallen Legacy….



Urkillerv (retired) Leader of BOA & Assassin’s.


6 comments on “Urkillerv the Wisdom and Intelligent’s of Many

  1. He was demoted because Miranda was covering her own ass, she was scarred because a rival clan that could wipe out EKAT made threats, I was there when it happened.

  2. This is completely false; he had never recruited 400 people on his own. It was in fact all of our work, the first members of the 2nd generation of BOA. We had all raised BOA from the ashes of defeat when it’s original leader had left and put me and daemon in charge. Had it not been Ukv that showed up, BOA would have never existed. However, none of these achievements that we had made wouldn’t have been possible without us. Now, it is nothing but a husk of what it once was. All of it’s former leaders have left, including me. The only reason why it’s falling because of the lacking spirit and responsibility within all of you, and the end is soon to come.

    • Lord phinxz I pressume. As you are well aware we didn’t make this page brah but Lord daemon did with the ex co leaders. Now under my leadership I now run a smooth 30 to 40 member fairly active clan outside of PB2 but did originate from a wack ass game called star trek and pb2. The rest I stated I wish I was there to witness BOA at its golden age rather than now it’s silver age. I miss all the old leaders but shit happens I guess bruh.

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