BOA Rebels ~ Chapter ~ Five [The Last Episode]

*At the Templars Research Facility*

Phantom: Well shit, they wasn’t kidding about the Tanks

BlackHawk: We weren’t?

Jack: So we just step in?

Nighthawk: Hmm…… No, we

*Templar Sniper spots Nighthawk and shots him in his chest*


Phantom: Fall back! They have Snipers!

NightHawk: *panting* *laughs* It was a run with BOA huh?

BlackHawk: Don’t do this to us man! Don’t!

NightHawk: Sorry man, but my life is over now………

BlackHawk: Today, we lost  a man of bravery, a man that gave his life in BOA. And now he is free.

Iksta: Shit! There fireing!

Phantom: Someone get a dropship!

Cynthia: I just called in the Dropship theys should be here by any minute now!

*Dropship comes*

Cynthia: Or now!

Phantom: BlackHawk & Jack carry NightHawk into the drop ship! Iksta & Cynthia Cover the Dropship!

*Templar Troops fire round at the Assassins*

BlackHawk: Night is in!

Phantom: Them lets move! Into the Dropship! Lets go!

*Dropship pulls off*

*Tanks come out of the TRF*

Iksta: Shit…….

Phantom: Men, it seems war has been more

BlackHawk: We can’t take those tanks alone with just men

Cynthia: Were just Rebels……

Daemon: Radio: No, were Assassin Rebels, when we get rid of the Templars we will revive the Republic

Iksta: We could repair the old tanks from the Republic

Jack: and we could Repair our Destroyers to once fly again

Daemon: Well before we do all of that, i didn’t radio you on how you were succeeding, come to the camp……..


*At The Camp*

*DropShip Lands*

Phantom: What is it?

Daemon: Urk has been poisoned, we don’t know soon or how he will die

Cynthia: What!? Who poisoned him!?

Daemon: An Assassin solider, he betrayed us for the Templars

Phantom: Shit!

*Everyone startled*

Daemon: He told me that I have to lead, and he told me in his last word to lead with Nero.

Jack: So what do we do now?

Phantom: We fight with all we got left….. Those were brave 2 men we lost today, the Templars crossed our line by killing these two, and now they will pay…….


~The End Of BOA Rebels~


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