Battle of PB2 vs BOA

[BOA WarGround]

Fost: Fuck! Where is Urk! He is always late!

Daemon: Fost stfu he is coming , for now keep shooting or we will lose our asses!

Killzone: *Sighs after cutting three soldiers down out of nowhere* How weak are these enemies? hmph.

Fost and Daemon: (un) you cocky fuck (d)

Mckenzy: Killzone we got incoming rocketers aiming for our vehicles *jumps down in his ninja tech suit* perhaps we can hold on the jokes for later -_-


Flame: Sir, we got incoming missiles aiming for our troops in the front! what do we do now?

?????: Nothing , hold your fire men.

????? Soldier: Yes Sir!


Daemon: *pulls out swords and puts on new armor with the rest of A Division* Lets go!

Fost: uheuheheuheuhe me likey the swords (evil)

*grenades and missiles come right for them*

Killzone: *damn it my shield cant defend all of the attacks guess i got to go with…that again* Guys get down im going to use…

Mckenzy: Dont use it! It will drain your armor and suit out!

*Missiles and nades hit*

Ititan: *shows up deflecting all the hits in front of them* Heh looks like i made it just on time good job on the upgrade bro.

Buzzard1: My Pleasure

[Near WarGround]

Flame: Sir seems like Ititan made it with his new weapons as planned by Buzz….Sir Watch out!!!

????? and Phinxz: *Slices 17 enemies in 3 secs flat* Hmm?

Phinxz: Heh Urk your always a copycat eh?

Lord Deception: My ass i am. Besides” *steps on enemies head* we got a War to win (smirk)

[Enemy Base]


*END OF Prologue*


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