Battle/War Record

Wins - 18Ties - 1 | Defeats - 0

Clans Have been destroyed or Dead because of BOA:


SLA(We had a small hand in it)


Killer Instinct(2013)

Old EKAT(with Shroom)(2013)

Old ELA (2013)

MDFA (2011)


Red Night(2012)

Kickass (2014)

Avengers (2014)

ABOA (2014)

Outcast (2012)

LED (2014)

UDF (2014)

Toc (2014)

DK2 (2012)


Clans Tied:

GSA (they called for neutral and isolation >.>) 2014

Cyclix battle 3 games won we lost 2 but ended up with a tie for a mutual agreement even though they had the win. (2013)


17 comments on “Battle/War Record

    • just play matches against each other in challenge and whoever wins by a margin is the winner of the war

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