006:Perfect Form



*His clone vanishes in the blast*

Titan: You were watching the whole time….YOU BASTARD!

SEVA:Weak Humans*Charges and shoots laser Gun*

*Everyone doging lasers barely*

Xniper: Damn i cant get a good shot on him hes too fast!!!

Buzzard1: *sends smoke bombs everywhere*

SEVA:…Sad Display.

*Everyone running towards forest for more defense*

Titan: Damn hes catching up!

Mckenzy: I got this this!!! *Makes two clones to attack SEVA*

Killzone: Nice one!

*Two clones continue to fight SEVA*

SEVA: These pests are in the way *slices both clones and follows them faster*

Xniper: *Shoots bullet and takes SEVA DOWN for a few seconds* Got him now DO IT!

*Titan throws his mechanic net to hold SEVA Down* Now do it Fost!

Fost: *swings sword at SEVA hits him big explosion and does in the process*

Avarice: Eh *Fires Bazooka*

Daemon: *Cripples Seva* Fool

Daemon: primed hes all yours! *kicks to prime*

Primed:*Kicks SEVA up in sky*

Kaos: *punches SEVA repeatedly and punches him up*

SEVA: Damn humans!!!! I will…? *looks on top of him in the sky* Shit….

Titan and Daemon: *Holds Stick Explosive nades and hits SEVA with it* DIE ROBOT!


Kaos: Did we win?

Avarice: Yeah I— This cant be..

SEVA:…Thank you all…my upgrades are complete *changes armor* I am now Overlord My perfect form.

Titan: Damn it we need UKV!

Chosen: *Shoots Sev in Face*

Titan: Chosen your alive!

Chosen: Damn right!


Pain: Damn UKV

War machine:Killing enemies/*slices heads*

*Explosion vanishes in sky*

*Anvil and Urk clashes causing earthquakes*

Anvil1: Hmph!

Deception: HA!

*Swords clash while in the skies causing super fast winds*

Deception: *Summons 10 Clones* Finish him!

Anvil: *Summons 10* Blasts goes off

Anvil: my clone and i live time to Die! *FIRES MULTIPLE BLASTS*

Deception: I wont make it in TIme ill use this! *Black rod appears*

????: Hmm Interesting…

End of 006


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