001:Lost In Battle!


Mckenzy: When Did you…How did you just appear out of nowhere Titan o_O

Titan: Well thanks to the weaponry and tech i got from Buzz i was able to skip space and time and it allowed me to teleport a few miles ahead and i jumped with my new barrier in front of the blast.

Killzone: *Sees army coming* Guys we do not have the time to chat! Buzz do you have the new upgrades in the vial?

Buzzard1: *Passes Vial to everyone except Titan* That should do it. Now let’s go.

Fost: But Sir, If we move out so quickly won’t one of us get shot easily? 

Mckenzy and Killzone: *Pulls Out Swords and pistols*

Daemon: Hmm, Then I guess ill have to go to level two *powers up his suit to level two and pulls out double pistols*

Fost: Daemon!!! We cannot let you three hold them off we fight together!

Buzzard1:(In Mind) Hmph, who would’ve thought these would be the new generation of BOA.

*Army pulls out rocket launchers grenades and huge Hammers*

*Buzz and the rest of B Squad start cutting and killing enemies down*

Titan: *pulls out pistol launcher v2* Guys get out the way ima get fancy!

*shoots enemies in head with bullets then says 22 soldiers heading for him so shoots his explosive bullet*

Fost: OMG that didn’t do anyth-

*Explosive bullet causes a small crater killing the 22 soldiers*

Daemon: o_O Nice BRO :D

Titan: Heh, all that training with Urk and my Pops had to pay off sometime :P


Flame 180: Sir We got contact with C Squad The captain said we are clear to go in 5 minutes.

Iphinxz: 5 mins? Is that all they need o_O

Deception: Tell them they got 3 -.-

Flame 180: Sir Yes Sir! *Sees enemy climbing near his turret slices his head and keeps driving ship*

[C Squad BattleFront]

Captain Xniper: *speaks in microphone* Allen is all the bombs planted?

Allen: Yup but idk what we going to eat after this its been 2 hours -.- *Shoots enemy behind him like nothing*

Xniper: Idk im hoping we get something good! *Snipes from distance killing 3 enemies*

PlazmaMan: Now guys, we got a job to do not here to fuck around *tosses nade near truck killing 5 enemies and injuring one*

Duck: *smashes the injured head of the enemy and slices 8 enemies* Sigh, they don’t stop coming do they? Well we need to hurry up B-Squad is only a few miles ahead of us!

Xniper: Everyone move im setting off the mines!

*Mines goes off and kills almost every single soldier except 13 left*

Awesomeguy24: *Appears out of nowhere* Hey Guys.

*13 enemies try to attack 24 but Xniper and him snipes all of them in 7 seconds flat with Duck slicing them in 4 pieces*

Plazma: Wow, you guys didn’t save me anything at all no fun -.-

*Everyone looks at him and asks him since when were you the FUN TYPE!*

Plazma: Well damn im sometimes fun.

[Enemy Base]

DK2 Cmdr: Sir the B and C Squads are heading to meet each other.

DK2 Co leader: Good Send in Project Juggernaut.

Cmdr: BUT SIR!

Co-Leader: Send In Now!

*Doors open showing a half mechanic soldier with two blades a rocket soldier on his shoulder on his left and a grenade launcher on his right*


Daemon: I think we might be lost -.-

Fost: *opens up his navi tech map* It is this way Guys let’s go.

Killzone: How does he know?

Mckenzy: Cause he is our best planner and he is a pretty decent Shot.

*Juggernaut walks towards B Squad*

Buzzard1: What is that!!!!

*Everyone looks up to see it is 48 feet tall*

Titan: I might need more ammo!

Chapter 001 Ends


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