Policies & Acts

Loyalty Policy + Amendment: Passed

When in War with another clan and members of BOA are in the opposing clan, members must state loyalty to BOA otherwise demotion and other consequences may occur to prevent spying. New recruits will be monitored for the first week or so to test them. Members will also be tested and monitored likewise the new recruits.

Sedition Act + Amendment: Passed

Article 1(AR3S): All authors and editors have the freedom of speech and no one can delete their posts but the TCF and unless it is confidential information and/or it causes confusion and delay. (ex. “I will hack BOA site”[jokingly] is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.)

Article 2(shinigami): Authors and editors may not put unnecessary posts to reduce trash on the website.

iD Policy: Passed

This policy states that the CFLs will keep track of the xat IDs of unregistered users in BOA chat to reduce spying. Be very careful when writing down their IDs. If the ID is different, they will be guested and interrogated.

Recruitment Pause Act: Passed

This Act states that at times of war, recruitment will be paused until the war is over. (This morning someone named Choclateman came to chat, Damani membered him but I guested him and PCed him, he said he wanted to join BOA but honestly, since we are at war, I didn’t trust him. Then he left.) This is to reduce spying.(Amendment: no new recruits are allowed in chat during war, recruiting in game, however is.)

Mockingbird Policy: Denied

This policy states that BOA will state neutrality when 2 allies are fighting each other until further notice.

IP Warrant: Stall

https://boanewsite.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/proxy-warrant-proposal/ <—– Go vote! 😀

Respect Policy: Passed

This policy states that you don’t have to call a superior officer Sir or Ma’am, unless you are told to.

Splitting Act: Passed

This act states that the Military would be allowed to suggest Ideas to make a change to BOA community and also host a Law Vote. The Government nor the Military would have power or authority over the other unless enlisted as the Warden, President or VP. The Military would seem to have more of a purpose to only war and discuss future battle plans and other clan Strategies. The Government would be the main Power to enforce Laws, Rules, Acts or Policies Under the Spr. and Above Ranks.

Upgrade Act: Passed

This act hereby states that any BOA member who has retired, rejoined or came from another Ally or Enemy clan is allowed in BOA, but between any rank for the Retired and for the ranks up to General if he/she was highly praised and honored in The Brotherhood. This act will allow all Legacies to mainly start off as ranks from Adviser to CCF if he/she was highly honored by The Brotherhood and all new ex-enemy members would be allowed in BOA from Rec though Adv. (the rank given will be decided in a vote by HRs)

Imposition Act: Passed

This act will demand that all laws have a set MINIMUM punishment based on the degree of seriousness for that law, and that anytime that law is broken the minimum punishment is instantaneously enacted, while further punishment is discussed. this will prevent people from making excuses, convincing people to support them against punishment, or in some other way avoid their sentences. The law is hard, but it is the law.

If any of the Policies/Acts listed above contain misleading information, contact an Editor. If there is anything missing in the page, also contact an Editor.

No Hacking/Harassing/Illegal Movement: Passed

This Act is to state that any BOA member a close member to BOA or anyone who comes to contact to BOA that is stated to be able to use anything illegal to a BOA member or the clan will not only be banned form chat but will be banned from the site. This is mainly directed on the Satan and Main owner Stealing the past few months. If you are a BOA member and you do end up going against this Act i made you will be banned on Chat and be unbanned on the day of your trial but according to the Bill of Rights you will be able to present your own attorney and he/she will be your last defense because if you are found Guilty by the Jury you will be banished from BOA for 6 months. Also, If any member is to be harassed by any member of this clan or close to this clan that results in his or her own relationship with anyone or themselves shall be Guest banned on Chat for a week. There has been numerous reports of members from GSA Axis and BOA telling me that jokes on BOA chat was taken offensive which by law in America would be considered harassment. GSA is the clan where Harassment barely comes up but in other clans like BOA our jokes are used daily in Chat. The Swearing will be cut down. Any illegal activities such as Main owner Password Stealing or Ddos or Ddox that is spoken of or used by a person that uses it as a threat will be banned from the Chat and the site and be removed from BOA temporarily.


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