Independent Brotherhood

Deception: Do you sense something?

Daemon: Since what?

Deception: Something that go’s in my head….

Daemon: Like what?

Deception: A Dimension

Daemon: What kind?

Deception: A Dimension of a Brotherhood, an….

Daemon: An what? What kind of Brotherhood is it?

Deception: An Independent one

Daemon: Independent? Deception are you sure what you’re looking at right now is right?

[Unknown Person:] It’s…. It’s… Right….

Daemon: Huh!?

*The Unknown Person Knocks out Daemon*

[Unknown Person]: Sleep tight… Deception….


Parallel Dimension

Grand Master: Deception Keep your balance straight!

Deception: You see I’m trying!

Grand Master: Hmm, i told you, your training is finished, but you  want more, why?

Deception: Training better means becoming better, right?

Grand Master: Hmm, your training is finished. And pack up your things.

Deception: Wha-, What?

Grand Master: And meet me in my quarters.

Deception: What kind of Master is this guy….

 *In Deceptions Room*

Deception: I’ll soon get revenge for you… Dad.

*Deception Looks at Picture*

Grand Master: Deception, to my quarters now.

Deception: I will, once I’m ready.

Grand Master: I’ll be waiting then…

*Grand Master go’s in his quarters and locks the door*

Grand Master: Computer, link me with the council

[Computer]: Linking with the Council.

Council Member 1: Is the one you are training ready?

Grand Master: Ready for what?

Council Member 1: To assemble the Brotherhood

Grand Master: He is ready, but i will not let him assemble the Brotherhood, And i hope you remember what happened to the last one

Council Member 2: But these other Assassins will succeed-

Grand Master: Like the last ones!? Like his Father!?

Council Member 5: Grand Master-

Grand Master: The last brotherhood took missions on their own! Picked dead one by one! Because of their team work! And now you want it back!?

Deception: What is this….

Grand Master: Deception!? How did you-

Deception: I pick-locked it.

Council Member 3: Hello Deception are you up for the task?

Deception: Task?

Grand Master: They want you to form the Brotherhood

Deception: My Dad has told me of this…. Once he was an Assassin

Council Member 4: Good, the Grand Master will give you the relic to assemble the brotherhood there once was. The Grand Master will give you a suit to go, and must travel to the USA, in New york. When activating the relic, the other remaining assassins that are ready and we have talked to. Good Luck Leader.

[Computer]: Link Closed with the Council

Deception: So i just assemble these assassins? That are like me?

Grand Master: Each has a different ability, and each are very different and unique. Sam is a person that can see very faraway and has the ability to see through walls, Nighthawk, we haven’t found his ability yet.

Deception: Why not?

Grand Master: I do not know, but we might find its with his cold way. Anyways, Mckenzy, the person to blend with his surroundings, and Jack Kingston, a person of stealth.

Deception: And Me?

Grand Master: Well…..

*The Grand Master Opens up the cabinet doors*

Grand Master: And you, control the nature of Fire, with the help of this suit.

Deception: So, i guess i leave today…..

Grand Master: Go then, Suit up, and gather the remaining assassins, once then, the council will give you each objectives.


Daemon: What just happened……

*Deception wakes up*

Deception: Who the hell are you!?

[Unknown Person]: An assassins like you, sorry for knocking you out Daemon but Deception need to think on this Dimension

Deception: What do you mean?

[Unknown Person]: We must find it….

*The Unknown Person go’s in the shadows*

Deception: Find What!?


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