Alliance Form


49 comments on “Alliance Form

  1. Website:
    Why do you want an Alliance?: Because it an awesome , big clan and it is also a clan that has great future with full of victories
    Clan Name: Tier 1 Operators
    Moar details :
    Allied and enemy clans :
    Clan i am in : Assassin$ [ Quited GSA before as by the post of assassin$ ] :
    ~Hope you will consider this alliance~

  2. 1. Templar Order
    3. Yes
    4. Templar Order cancel the war with BOA and doesn’t want a full scale war with +Assassin$+ right now only a tournament and UrKillerV

  3. 1. BMTF
    3. i wish to ally with BOA its a big powerfull clan and we need help Or We can help BOA if theyre in a war too
    btw is GSA still warring With BOA?
    and Plz Acceept 😀

  4. 1. The Rising Storm
    3. I have had experience with BOA Members and they are pro. I don’t want to be at odds with BOA because i’ll probably lose. Please Ally. Also we have a BOA member in T.R.S. It is scamryx.
    4 Leader is me skrilix

  5. Clan Name: Department and Institute of Level Developing

    Your Clans Website:

    Why Ally With Us: This is a clan made by Phsc and I because we wanted to teach people more about lvl Dvl and we just started today and we need to rec some of your members and we could possibly make some map for you. This clan is still growing and we need members. We are a Government clan so we don’t do wars.

    Clan Tag : [Dep.]:[lvlDvl] and [Ins.]:[lvlDvl]

    Leader of Clan: T-3

  6. Website:
    A reason for Deez alliance: No, wy u do dis. Jk. Just want to ally Deez clan. One of the remaining legit clans in my opinion.
    Clan Name: .:[DLN]:. aka the Drastic LegioN
    More details: Since 2013. Rekting shiets.
    CLs: 3 CLs. Me, the only remaining legit CL. Guardian is in DLN after 1 year of disappearance. He isn’t CL at the moment. NFL5 retired.

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