002:Juggernaut’s Power!


Daemon: Uh…how are we supposed to take that monster down!!

*Juggernaut stomps causing a small earthquake under B-Squad’s feet*

Killzone: Damn It!!! I guess we got no choice but to go to level two like Daemon.

*Everyone goes to level two increasing speed and strength*

Mckenzy: Idk if this will be enough but it is now or never!

Titan: *Pulls out his Rocket Launcher Level 2 and shoots juggernaut from a distance*

Buzzard1: Did that do it?

Juggernaut: *roars and starts charging at B-Squad*

*Random shots fired at juggernaut*

Fost: Woah! Wait is that….

Xniper: Damn right it is!

*C Squad comes to help on the field waiting for their best shot and healer Allen*

Duck: Heh, seems like this could take a while.

*Juggernaut shoots over 100 missiles at both Squad*

*Both squads stand together with all their shields*

*Blasts goes everywhere causing many craters around them*

Mckenzy: *Coughs blood* Shit! Fost are you ok…

Fost: *holds broken arm* I been better…

*Xniper tossing nades at Juggernaut’s feet to slow him down*

*Killzone and Duck pull out swords and go head to head with Juggernaut against his swords fighting in mid air*

Titan: *coughs* Damn it i guess i have no choice but to go level 3! *Speed hits its maximum and titan vanishes in front of Juggernaut*

*Everyone surprised on how fast he is*

Titan: I wont let you destroy my brothers or my family! *Powers up Rocket Launcher Level 3 and Fost on his back aiming his Launcher*

Juggernaut:*Swings his swords to try and cut everyone down but only hits mckenzy*

*Titan and Fost Scream Fire and shoot their strongest blast then leaps back to ground*

*Blast is 1 mile long*

Xniper: :D We did it!

Mckenzy: *gets up after getting hit bleeding from his leg* Well, at least im not dead…

Titan: *goes back to level 2 after draining most of his power suit* *Out of breath* Finally…I….killed it.

[Other Warground]

Juggernaut: HAHAHAHAHHAHA *moves hand out of smoke from explosion* is that all you got?

*Everyone shocked that he could speak*


Mckenzy: Really….

Xniper: Man…

Buzz: Well that’s a 1st…

Killzone: Well this sucks..

Fost: Yeah no kidding i thought he would at least be injured -.-

Titan: *short from breath* Damn he really is strong.

Juggernaut: Ill end your suffering and then PB2 will get rid of the strongest army ever and we will rule!!! *swings sword*

Allen:*shoots Juggernaut in head after stopping his sword* Not on my watch!

*Juggernaut falls down screaming in pain*

Allen: All of you catch now! *passes health pills healing them all*

Xniper: Much better….

Fost: *Shoots 12 grenades from his launcher at juggernaut* that was for breaking my arm you bastard!

Titan:Thanks Allen!

[Behind B and C Squad]

*Reappearing with Urk and Co*

Awesomeguy24: Here they are Urk.

Flame 180: *Shoots pistol and rails with quick shots killing the 3 enemies and shooting Juggernaut* Well it seems we got alot to do right guys- Crap..

Phinxz: *goes to B and C Squad and jumps to Daemon* Idiot! *funny theme song plays*


Phinxz: Dumbass Nikka! Why didnt you call my ass?!

Daemon: Cause Nikka I dont need your help!

*Deathez appears out of nowhere*

Deathez: My ass you didnt need our help (D).

Deathez: Anyways where is Urk?

*Everyone stands and looks up at the nearest Tower and screams Urkiller!*

Deception: *Sighs* Allen! Is everyone healed down there!

Allen: Yeah! Should we all go to level two as well and shoot Rocket launcher to finish the beast?

Deception: Nah, No need *eyes glare* Ill finish this trash with 1 move….

Flame 180: Urk i dont think this is a good IDEA! let us help you with this one….

Awesomeguy24: Yeah, we can beat him now all together-

Juggernaut: Puny Heroes *looks at Deception* PUNY LEADER!!!! HAHAHAAHAHA I will destroy your team with my Mega Atomic Blast then all will be all over!

*Atomic Blast Powers up and then*

Deception: *Slices and leaves nades around juggernaut* Weak…

Juggernaut: Damn u!!!!

*Nades goes off and destroys Juggernaut*

[Together with B and C Squad]

Plazma Power Man: Well Urkiller, seems like my nades worked well huh?

Deception: Sure Did good job bro :D

Plazma: Shoots and finishes off Juggernaut’s head* No Problem :P

Daemon* Teleports to Urk* Well its about time we all met up!

*Army of DDT Shows up* 

Lord Avarice:*Teleports to field* Phew that was fun!

Titan: -.- Your late! *destroys 3 vehicles with anger*

Avarice:Eh, I was busy deal with it but for now we got a bigger problem to deal with…

Dave: *Cuts down two towers* Well then, lets get to it!

*End of 002*


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