BOA Cutscene:Chapter 10:The Man behind the Mask is…

[Half Destroyed Battlefield/Fortress]

Titan Clone: Hmm..

Anvil: Heh, I failed you Master my apologies. Please take my remaining power M’Lord.

Chaos Ruler: *grabs Anvil’s power while he vanishes* Indeed you did well and i will restore you when the time is needed.

Deception: Damn, I didnt think you were in charge of this slaughter CHAOS!

Chaos: Hmph, you fool. You think Anvil would attack her own brother without some manipulation in the way? Do not fret young one i will end you quickly.

Sarah: Brother Deception…

Deception: *Coughs Blood* Don’t Worry this wont kill me at all but…Stand back as it is his power is stronger than i thought..

Chaos: Do not overestimate me my ex-Mentor i am just a new being that will end your reign of peace with Chaos.. Now prepare for death in 1 shot *shoots a huge blast from finger*

Deception: *jumps but leg stops from pain* Shiii–

Kaos: *Deflects blast*

Gigoto: *Appears out of the sky*

*Shoots 4 nades to trap ??? and sets them off* Heh, That should have effected him at least.

Daemon: *Jumps in the destroyed section to see ???? and Shoots with his Blade* Level 5 TITANIC BLADE OF THE FALLEN!

Chaos: Oh my… *Gets sent through 7 Buildings*

Titan: Damn!!!

Dave: Im Surprised Daemon is this strong hehe *descends to the ground*

Chaos: Hmm Interesting..

Daemon: Impossible….

Deception: Don’t Let your guard down! He was holding back!!!!

Shocky: *Jumps out of nowhere* Then lets end this!

Ben: Aw man im late again *sighs blowing away cars with his kick*

Kaos:Well it seems we are at quite a situation here…Any other ideas Daemon?

Daemon:1st thing is 1st we need Deception healed stat!

Axel: *arrives to the scene with Peyteh*

Peyteh: Where’s Deception ill heal him!

Axel: HURRY we cant lose our Brother again not another one!

Chaos:Haha Marvelous. *Summons 4 Clones as powerful as Anvil’s Clones*

Daemon: We need to stall for time while Deception gets healed lets GO!

Kaos: *busts out his Kaos Dual wield Guns* Die you bastards!

Axel: *pulls out dual wield Swords* I wont let you harm my older brother! *slices through everyone*

Sam: Im not BOA anymore but…I WONT LET YOU HARM MY BROTHERS *Slices through the clones*

Chaos: Very Interesting Indeed. However My Clones arent using their Demon Mode.

Gigoto:! You mean!!!

Chaos: Yes their fighting on very low % But lets see how you deal with Demon mode and another 5th Clone!

Clones: *Become 26 Feet Demon Entity with a Huge Sword a Shield and Black Auras*

Axel:Damn it!!! We cannot stay at Level 3 with this against us we need to go level 5 All the Way!

Daemon: For once i agree with you on that Level 5 thing!

Kaos: Im not stupid!

Sam: Damn it there huge!

Peyteh: *healing Deception* Come on Bro wake up very soon!

Gigoto: *Uses remaining nades and plants them everywhere around the Clones*

[10 Mins Later on Half Destroyed Fortress]

*Explosions going off*

Axel: *using dual Swords* HAH! *Hits Demon Clone on the forehead*

Daemon: SHibukai Blast! *10 Arrows with explosive tips hit the Clones*

Clones: *using shields to defend from attacks then swing gigantic swords at the field*

Kaos: *Jumps and grabs everyone from fortress and teleports them in the sky near the Demon Clones* HAH!

Gigoto: ALIRGHT TAKE THIS! *detonates the nades near the clones Feet*

Clones: *End Up tripping*

Dave: *Uses huge hammer to knock out 1 Demon Clone* Take that!

Ben: *Uses Wind Power to add power to his fist to knock down the other 4’s Shield but takes down 1* Damn there Stronger than i thought hehe :3

Ben: Maybe we need another idea to take down those shields 1st.

Daemon: Yeah your right but…

Clones: *Swing Swords and slices a mountain to cause an earthquake*

Chaos: Now die under the rocks.

Gigoto: *Level 5* Blocks the rocks from coming through* I wont hold out for long!

Axel: *slices rocks into pebbles* Then move out my way!

Kaos: Damn that kid Axel! *jumps after Gigs and Axel to charge to clones*

Daemon: Ben give me a boost to that Mountain Quick!

Ben: Heh, Ok *Blast him with his wind power to the half broken Mountain*

Daemon: *reaches to the Mountain* This isnt a mountain it was a sealed Volcano!

*Volcano Begins to spew lava*

Axel Kaos and Gigoto: WHAT!!!

Chaos: Hmph, looks like this island wont last any longer than.

Chaos: It’s time for the Clones to join as 1 and end this.

*Clones become 1 Clone*

Demonic God Clone: *124 Feet same appearance except more devilish*

Sam: *Shoots 3 rockets* Did that harm it?

Clone:*blows Rockets away*

Shocky: Well i got my power back *shoots down the Clone*

Ar3s: Well fuck me Shocky that did work good aim 😀

Clone:…*Gets back up with a roar*

Chaos: This will be your end BOA…

Deception: Not if i have something to say about it!

Chapter 10 Ends


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