BOA Rebels: Chapter: Two

Lord Deception: Communication Radio: Daemon, we’ve terminated the target, and the scattered Templar Soilders. Now it’s your turn to take out there Barracks, and do not hesitate those who betray us shall not let us die.

Daemon: Roger Killer, alright here is what we are gonna do, Sam and Jade, we’re gonna split into groups of 3, I do not wish to charge into the Barracks, we’re going to bomb them

Sam: There are just commanders there, nothing simple

Daemon: Yes I know but we’re hitting them with a sur-, wait, I just heard something

Jade: What is it?

*Daemon, Sam, and Jade look at the bushes from behind, Daemon about to get ready to stab the bushes*

Sparrow: Damn Man! It’s just us don’t worry

ThatGirlOverThere: Daemon almost cut you there?

Daemon: Where we’re you two when Me, Jade, and Sam was about to get ready to do a sneak surprise attack.

Sparrow: Bus takes a while, besides people looked at me funny with the hood like suit, and what did you want me to do? Run here?

*Daemon Looks at ThatGirlOverThere*

ThatGirlOverThere: Don’t look at me i was here before all of you

Daemon: Ok then, just a small change in the plan, we go into 5 groups take 3 troops, one group at a time, Jade you’re up.

Jade: Yes.

Sam: Hold up, what?

Daemon: Women go first

Sam: Mhm.

*Jade go’s in the back of the Barracks placing the bomb*

Jade: This looks like a good place to set a bomb

*Templar Trooper hears something and go’s to check*

Jade: Huh? Shit! Kill him before he tells the rest.

Templar Trooper: Assassins! Assassins!

*Templars become alerted*

Daemon: Abort the mission Jade abort the mission!

Jade: But the Bomb

Daemon: Leave it!

Templar Leader (Ali): You Assasins are not going anywhere.

Daemon: Jade, forget about going to us leave with the remaining troops you have and get backup!

Sam: This is not the way the plan was sopose to go…..

ThatGirlOverThere: Hey! Watch where you cuff my hands!

Sparrow: What kind of cuffs are these? Assassin Cuffs, because there very tight.

Templar Leader (Ali): To think this organization is strong. So weak, like your Older Brothers.

Daemon: Older Brothers?



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