BOA Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights For Members Only.

  • First Right:  The right to choose your own attorney or your own Lawyer 3 days before court date.
  • Second Right: The right to ask for a trial.
  • Third Right: The right to speak freely but with correct grammar or be guested until you can do so or have a good relations with Chat Owners.
  • Fourth Right: The right to not be put on trial twice for the same thing unless new evidence is found.
  • Fifth Right: The right to ask for questioning/overturning of a Leader’s decision. But NOT overturn it without the  BOA Council’s approval.
  • Sixth right: The right to run for the presidency only if you been in the Clan for more then 2 weeks and are above the rank Commander.
  • Seventh Right: The right to cast a vote on anything relating to BOA War news or Diplomacy without violating more then 5 laws.
  • Eighth Right: The right to ask for a Promotion Test before 3 weeks as the regular Schedule but to ask only Leaders.

Created by Lord Deception. (Note:The HR’s or the TCF are allowed to not give these rights to the not worthy members)


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