Diplomacy Corps.

The Diplomacy Corps is responsible for keeping our relationships with other clans healthy, and help us potentially make new allies.  They, as a whole, are also responsible for making important diplomatic decisions with the HR’s, as well as establishing peace meetings and treaties with other clans.

Rules and Guidelines of the Diplomacy Corps.

1. Have the ability to create and form alliances based on our current stand point with them.

2. Can make a request to go to war with another clan among the HR’s (Please note that at least 4 HR’s must approve, one of them being the CL).

3. Need to hold a meeting at least once a month with the HR’s to help keep up with current alliances and potential ones.

4. In order to hold a peace meeting, at least 3 HR’s must be there for it to be an actual one.

5. Any rank in the Diplomacy Corps. is a Government rank.

 Leading Diplomats


Lord Avarice

Diplomatic Advisors


Peace Committee


Leading Diplomats: They are the ones who decide whether or not to make an alliance with someone, with a little help from the Diplomatic Advisors.

Diplomatic Advisors: Helps the Leading Diplomats in making diplomatic decisions, as well as making reports on monthly political/diplomatic activities amongst other clans.

Peace Committee: They make sure that each and every one of our alliances are healthy and strong, and report this back to the Diplomatic Advisors so they can make a monthly report


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