BOA Rebels: Special Chapter: The Fallen Legacies [Sneak Peek] (Still Writing Cutscene)

Deception: Hmm…..

Daemon: Looking at the Fallen Legacies statues huh?

Deception: Yes, those days……….


Alexcurry: Shhh, more Templars, keep your head up and your ass down.

Mckenzy: How much more time do we have to wait.

DeathTrooper: Come on, lets just kill them all.

AlexCurry: Not just yet…. lets just cover some ground.

Lord Avarice: So the Templar Commander is in there?

AlexCurry: Yes I’m sure he is in there, I had intelligence earlier.

[Dave: Radio: Alex, Sqaud B is in order, permission to attack?]

[AlexCurry: Radio: Hmm, wait, whats that?]

Templar Leader Ashako: Today is the day, that we destroy the Assassins Command Center and rule the world to our selves!

Templar Commander: I’ll manage up the troops.

AlexCurry: Shit, return to the ACC inmeditly! Alert all Assassins Mckenzy!

[Mckenzy: Radio: All Assassins Protect the ACC, I repeat all Assassins retreat to the ACC.


Sam: These “Hitlers” gonna die!

The Chosen One: You mean Templars? *-.-*

Sam: I give them an ugly nickname!

The Chosen One: Uh, while u call them Hitler i’ll like, grab my Machine Gun.

Sam: Lets just get going, Alex is waiting for us.

The Chosen One: Right.


Buzzard: Aw damn, i was just about to eat these sandwich, are you kidding me?

Silent: Templars don’t give a crap about your Sandwich they give a crab about killing us.

Lord Kaos: Wait, if your leaving this sandwich i guess i’ll….

Buzzard: NO! I’ll take it! It’s mine anyways!

Silent: Take it and go!


Shocky: So it’s there day? They can kiss my ass.

Rinzler: Always Templars! Always these red looking discusting ugly Templars!

*At The ACC*

Assassin Guardian: Templars! 12 o’clock!

AlexCurry: What the hell is that………

Shocky: A Missile!

Rinzler: A WHAT!?

Shocky: Turn on the Shields!

Buzzard: All men on deck! We have Templars! I repeat we have Templars!

The Chosen One: All Heavy with me! Shot at what ever is shotting at us! Is that Simple!

Assassin Soilder: Yes Sir!


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