Promotion System [+]

Promotion System

This is the Promotion page and it will explain how BOA promotes their members easily, efficiently and the most fair way.

Promotion Officers: QJK, Night, Sparrow and Bored Pro

Promotion officers are the only people that have the power to promote the BOA army members, If they do not test you, then your Promotion will be invalid and there will be punishments. They are responsible for print screening proof and posting it on the comment. 


The System

This is how the new Promotion System will work:

– Only 3 people may be promoted every week, The people will be chosen by post that I (Sparrow) will make every weeks with the 3 members name.

Example: You past a promotion test on monday 23rd, then you should as again 2 weeks later.

– First the promotion officer will choose the map of his choice, if you pass the test then you are promoted, however if you fail then the 2nd test map will be your choice. If you fail the map of your choice then the promotion officer will choose the map.

– No matter how many times you fail your test, you may apply for another test anytime during the week because there will be no duration to wait for another test.

– The promotion is simple, if they pass the test then they are promoted to the next rank.

– For Advanced and below, you need 10 kills or above (out of 15) for a promotion.

– For Commander and above, you need 15 kills or above (out of 20) for a promotion.

Promotion Log

The promotion log is used for keeping records of peoples promotions so they don’t lie about when they have been promoted meaning they won’t get 2 promotions or more in 2 weeks. If a promotion officer isn’t an editor then he should as someone with editor to put the Promotion’s in this log. ONLY PUT IN PROMOTIONS THAT THE MEMBERS HAS PAST.


Name: Sparrow
Previous Rank: [BOA]Rec
New Rank: [BOA]Aso.
Date: 21/06/2014

Score: 14-15

Here is link To the page for the Promotion Log: Promotion Log Page 

Note: Only post the link, not the full picture because it takes too much space

Thats all,


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