BOA Factional Warfare ~ Chapter ~ 2

In China. . . . . . Outside a Chinese Buffet 


Daemon: Hmm.

Dave: Hey Daemon…….

Daemon: Hello Dave, do you need anything?

Dave: Remember to not touch your, um, like, Chinese food.

Daemon: Yes and?

Dave: Hehe?

Daemon: You touched it!?

Dave: I’m sorry I was hungry!

Daemon: I’ll-

*Explosion at a block down*

Dave: The hell?

Daemon: Shit, that sounded like an explosion.

*Second explosion from the same block*

Dave: Well there go’s a second one!

Daemon: Lets get a view from the rooftop! 

Dave: Right!

*Daemon and Dave climb to the rooftop and run on foot a block down to see the view*

Daemon: The hell?

Dave: Those are assassins right…. Fighting Templars…. Did you or Nero give an order to these guys?

Daemon: No…. I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Dave: Well maybe there a separate team?

Daemon: Maybe, but a Brother is a Brother, let’s go help

Dave: Right

*Daemon and Dave air assassinate Templar soldiers*

Fusion: Who the hell are these people?

Lord Blue Blood: I do not know, but they look like one of us, and is very skilled….

*Fusion, Lord Blue Blood, Dave, and Daemon take out the rest of the Templar soldiers*

Daemon: So, who are you guys?

Fusion: We were going to ask you guys the same.

Lord Blue Blood: Lets just start with you guys appearing out of no where.

Daemon: Well we are Brotherhood Of Assassins.

Lord Blue Blood: And Were Assassin$

Daemon: I’d thought there was just one Brotherhood

Lord Blue Blood: Well open your eyes, you must be mistaken….

Dave: So where is your leader?

Fusion: Your looking at him, and me.

Daemon: Huh?

Lord Blue Blood: I’m the Founder.

Fusion: And I’m the High Leader.

Daemon: Hmm, it seems your on the course we are.

Lord Blue Blood: Freedom is our course, if that is yours yes.

Daemon: All Assassins goal is freedom, except the Templars want order……

Fusion: Well sense were all from the same Creed, but different Brotherhood, why not establish an Alliance and follow us to our HQ?

Dave: Why not?

Daemon: I’ll message the Brothers we’ve got an ally on the same course.


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