[BattleField Center]

ChainedApocalypse: Ah I see…

Anvil:*throws off rubble*

Anvil: Shut up fool, only some damage nothing major now give me your power and report back to HQ!

Deception: Shit *shocky heals him back to 100% but still got wounds*

Shocky: Brother we can fight him together!

Titan: He’s right we can beat Anvil.

Dave: I agree lets take him down!

Daemon: You idiots!

*Everyone gets a spark in their heads and looks at Anvil*

Daemon: Now you all see correct? His power weakened and his level is right at UKVS! and he hasnt even gotten that creature’s power yet which means he is above our Brother Deception but UKV can go farther!

Anvil:*comes out of shell* I was never a he but you can call me..Time.

Deception: Guys that creature gave Anvil alot of power go chase it to the Enemy’s HQ and kill it Ill take care of this. Shocky and Daemon stay here in case i need you guys.

Mckenzy:..You heard our brother..Lets go!!

Time*moves right behind deception and pushes him back with his sword*

Deception:*Pushes back surprised by the speed* Damn it…

*Explosion of the swords clashing are everywhere*

Deception and Time: HAAAAH *Time pushes Deception back stronger and hits 3 walls*

Daemon: *observes with a small gland a sweat running down his face*


Time: *Blocks blasts and gets hit by 2 of them*

Deception: *comes out of smoke from blasts and slashes Time*

Time: *holding sword of Deception’s* Behold my time space technique and with this Sword i wield i will end this!


Chained: Damn these fools actually chasing me to HQ, Heh.

Dave: We almost there prepare level 5 everyone!

Mckenzy: OK!

Vandroid: Guys enter the code 25765!

Kaos: That code boasted our power and speed without lvl 5? Good now ill teleport to end this!

[Battlefield Center]

Time: *slashes UKV through the chest*

Deception: damn it..

*Clone poofs away and deception stabs Time in the back*

Deception: Dont underestimate me bitch!

*Time turns around barely effected slashes Deception*

Time: Kneel before a true God fool!

Deception: *bleeds through chest* We arent done yet! *left hand shaking while holding sword*

Clashes erupts causing shockwaves between the two*

Shadow: Damn hes good!

Daemon: who are you!!!!

Shocky: Come on Brother dont lose!

Titan CLone: Hmmm….

End of 009


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