BOA Rebels ~ Chapter ~ Four

*Dropship lands in a Jungle*

Phantom: I’m so confused, wasn’t the backup at the base!

Pilot: All i know is our team is here!

Cynthia: Team? I’d thought it was just Blackhawk!

Pilot: I don’t carry much of the information! I’m gonna go now to the Rebel Camp!

*Pilot takes off with the dropship*

*Missle locks on the dropship leaving and explodes it*

Nighthawk: Shit, where did that come from!?

*Blackhawk runs out the bushes*

Cynthia: Is that Blackhawk?

Blackhawk: GO! GO!!!!!!!!!

Phantom: Why!?


Cynthia: Holy crap!

*Up on the trees*

Jack: *Laughs* Being chased by a Missle tank, i should like record this. But then they would be killed…

*Jack loads up the Missle Launcher*

Jack: Ah, this will do.

*Jack Fires the Missle and explodes the Tank*

*At the Gound*

Phantom: Shit! I gotta go on adventures and missions like this next time!

Cynthia: Why did the tank blow up?

Blackhawk: I told Jack to blow up the tank with the Missile Launcher.

Jack: Hello down there!

Nighthawk: Blackhawk, i want to know why we were not informed of a team in progress of this mission here of an assassination

Blackhawk: Well I found Assassin Prisoners Iksta and Jack in the Super Weapon base, if I hadn’t found them I would be dead by now.

Iksta: Blackhawk, we can’t leave those tanks there. Imagine what they would do to us in war.

*Jack running to the scene*

Jack: In order to destroy them we need to get past the gates and past the guards

Nighthawk: We will need a distraction and a plan………..

To Be Continued


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