Defense Alert System

DAS is our Defensive Alert System.

We are currently at Condition: Blue.

Special Alerts

Condition: White

Condition White signifies disaster. This would either constitute a major military defeat, A strike on the site or chat, or that the leadership of the Brotherhood has been compromised. This could also include the destruction of a major ally by enemy forces. In the event of Condition White, ALL means deemed necessary for the preservation of the Brotherhood are authorized. Condition White can only be activated if we lose the site, chat, or if ordered by the TCF or the CCF and a majority of the CFL’s available under the absolute gravest of circumstances.


Standard Alert Conditions

Condition: Red

Condition Red is to be utilized only if War is imminent or in progress. All military forces are at maximum readiness and involved in combat. This means that we are involved in conventional war with no hacking or chat attacks but that we must be prepared for them. Condition Red can only be instituted or 24 hours in the absence of a major war.

Condition: Orange

Condition Orange is the highest of the Peacetime Alerts. All aspects of the Brotherhoods military forces are prepared for combat. Offensive strike packages are to be prepared and Chat and Site Security are to be put at maximum.

Condition: Yellow

Condition Yellow is a defensive posture for the Brotherhood. We are to prepare all defensive forces as well as the government. This basically means that we are prepared to defend ourselves, but that offensive operations have not yet been authorized. So, return fire only and no counterattacks if met with hostility. In this scenario War is considered to be likely.

Condition: Green

Condition Green signifies that the Brotherhood and it’s Major Allies are not involved in conflict or tension with many major powers. Military Forces are to be kept at a moderate readiness as this signifies the standard level of tension with smaller outfits. Condition Green is the standard operating condition.

Condition: Blue

This is the lowest level of alert. Defenses would be at minimum and we would consider PB2,games and our clan we are part of to be in a state of relative peace.


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