BOA Rebels: Chapter: One

*In PB2 on Area 51*

Strat: You sure about this?

Supercoolex: I’m sure of it, but the soldiers protecting the Templar is really complicated.

Strat: There’s only 2 of us, and there’s like maybe one hundred, maybe two hundred soldiers.

Supercoolex: Not really, not really…….

Ben: We have soilders here, it’s time to strike back.

Strat: Right.

*Supercoolex, Strat, Ben, and the soilders of BOA attack the Templar soilders.*

Supercoolex: Ben, go after the Templar he is escaping.

Ben: Alright!

Strat: These Templar soilders used to be our brothers, they are traitors to BOA.

*Ben heads towards the Templar.*

Templar (Unknown): Assassin! Assassin!

Ben: Shit! Not more……, an Assassin Templar………, are you fucking serious.

Assassin Templar: No, we are serious.

Ben: Communication Radio: Hey guys, I really need someone else to get the Templar, because I’m a bit busy here, fighting an Assassin Templar, if you know what I mean……

Strat & Supercoolex: Our Hands our full here!

Lord Deception: I’ll deal with him.

Strat: Urkiller!?

*Deception heads towards the Templar, Deception uses the phantom blade and has the Templar on the floor dieing.*

Lord Deception: Tell your leaders, there’s war between Templars and The Brotherhood.

Templar Captain (Eco): You Assassins can do your god damn worse.

Ben: That Assassin Templar had some moves, but I killed him.

Lord Deception: Ben, do your worse to kill him.

Ben: Sure.

*Tape: Lord Deception: Tell your leaders, there’s war between Templars and The Brotherhood.*

Templar Leader (Unknown): If they want war, they will have war, the Templars will stand last again!


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