Ban list

Perma banned forever: Site/Chat/Privilege to talk to anyone in BOA.

Miranda/Miguel [Xat: (1467032278)



Gigoto [Xat: (409619284)]


All EKAT Members including Raze division except tethys who will be allowed to come to chat in 2015.

Banned until July 2017:

Hz members

Satan [Xat: Serpent (418610123)]


Chris adams


Alexwang [Xat:(936439804)]

Scorpian Killer


Please add only authorized names.


20 comments on “Ban list

    • I was told to make a page I did so. This gives members easy access to the list, so that any un-wanted people can be dealt with swiftly and with class.

      • Mmmm, so classy.

        And was I removed from the ban list, or am I permanently banned.

    • Just because we are allies does not mean we “HAVE” to like all of you. Please remember that.

    • That’s none of my business. Your name was to be added and it was. If you do not like that I honestly couldn’t care less.

    • We are told who to put, not decide. You might be able to get a vote. To do that, Talk to Urk.

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