BOA Factional Warfare ~ Chapter ~ 1

2 Years Later……………………… Underneath the Egyptian Desert……………………………………………. 


Nero: Hmm.

*Enoxoid walks up*

Enoxoid: Why so startled?

Nero: Well, we just lost two men, of course i would be startled Enoxoid.

Enoxoid: Well um, I see this took like a year, by the way where did we get the money from? I could have paid for this.

Nero: So you can bill a one million check.

Enoxoid: Um, well……

Nero: I’d thought so.

Enoxoid: Well while you guys finish the opening cut up there for ships, I’m gonna go talk to Daemon.

*Enoxoid walks in Daemon‘s Office*

Enoxoid: Knock Knock

Daemon: Hmm

Enoxoid: Not going to say who’s there?

Daemon: Hey um, come here for a moment.

Enoxoid: Sure, what do you need Daemon?

Daemon: So here is the plan.

Enoxoid: Heres what now?

Daemon: Are you even listening?

Enoxoid: Na, playing on the PS Vita.

Daemon: Hmm, yea, what’ca playing?

Enoxoid: Assassins Creed Liberation

Daemon: Yea, hmm, looks great, um can i try?

Enoxoid: Yea man, give it a try

Daemon: Yea um, looks great

*Daemon grabs the PS Vita*

Enoxoid: Hey!

Daemon: Focus on what were doing here!

Enoxoid: Ugh, fine, what are we doing?

Daemon: So we need some one rich……

Enoxoid: I’m Rich

Daemon: Uh I doubt that.

Enoxoid: I won the lottery last week.

Daemon: You gamble?

Enoxoid: Um, uh, well um

Daemon: Nevermind, could you just buy us supplies so we could start a new Destroyer?

Enoxoid: Sure.

Daemon: And tell Nero we need to recruit off the streets of New York and help him recruit.

Enoxoid: Seriously? The Streets?

Daemon: Ok genius, let’s do a recruiting center right in front of the Templars with a big ass Assassin sign saying “Join here! And lets defeat the Templars!”

Enoxoid: Ugh, Fine.

*Enoxoid leaves Daemon‘s Office*

Enoxoid: Nero, we need to recruit.

Nero: Daemon wants me to do a favor?

Enoxoid: Yes, I’ll be aiding you, while I grab stuff.

Nero: And will where we be going?

Enoxoid: To New York in my F16.

Nero: F16?

Enoxoid: Falcon 16.

*Flies to USA*

Enoxoid: New York needs to be Liberated from there control, and then the rest of the United States

Nero: Not right now

Enoxoid: But It’s being controlled by Templars.

Nero: Right now we need to get what Daemon requested.

Enoxoid: Hmm………..

Nero: What?

Enoxoid: Recruit then Liberate?

Nero: Fine.

Enoxoid: Whats that?

Nero: A person standing up for him self against the Templars.

Enoxoid: Lets help him.

*Enoxoid lands the fighter*

Nero: Give me an Axe.

*Enoxoid throws the axe to Nero. Nero grabs it*

Enoxoid: Twin Blades…… thank you Urkiller.

*Nero throws the axe at the Officer. The Officer dies*

*Solider runs*

Enoxoid: Where the hell you think your going?

*Enoxoid uses his pistol and shots the Soilder*

Nero: That made too much noise, Enoxoid bring him and lets move to another location.

Enoxoid: Right

Bored Pro: Wait what? Where are you taking me?

Enoxoid: Taking you in.

*Nero, Bored Pro, and Enoxoid go inside the F16 and leave to the Egyptian Desert Base.

Bored Pro: Ok what the hell, who are you guys with hoods, and why did you interfere with my mission.

Enoxoid: Were Assassins, and you were fighting Templars.

Bored Pro: Templars? I’d thought that was a myth?

Nero: Do you think were a myth right now?

Bored Pro: No, not really….

Nero: Good, welcome to the Brotherhood.

Bored Pro: Whoa whoa, whoa, I’m not going to join you guys.

Enoxoid: You want those people off your streets and city correct?

Bored Pro: Well…..

Nero: You will be trained and learned how we deal with Templars.

Enoxoid: Wait a minute, did you say you were on a mission?

Bored Pro: Yes, i am apart of a rebellion…….

Nero: Are we there yet Enoxoid?

Enoxoid: Hyper speeding around the world in ETA 5 Minutes.


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