005:Level 4


*Mech Dragon Roars*

Deception: *throws hood and cape off* Im going level 3 you guys need to move now!

Kaos: Roger!

Pain: Woah…OK!

Primed: Damn that is some serious power!

Deception: *glows with a new cape* Time to get to work *bites finger for blood and summons a beast with 12 tails*

Enemy on Dragon: Fools we will eliminate them once and for all *points dragon at them and powers up huge fire ball* Die like you were supposed to back then Deception! Great Fireball of Destruction!

Kaos: Deception! Its coming right at us now what?

Pain: *thinks to himself damn it guess i might to repell it but i would lose more power from my suit* I got this! *repells blast to a mountain behind them* Phew.

Primed*looks at mountain sees 92 percent of it instantly vanished*Damn it hes powerful im going level 2!

Kaos and Primed: SAME!

Deception: Thanks for buying me time now ill end you Anvil1 *Prepares beast with him to use nijuu blast bomb* NIJUU BOMB! (Def: Dense ball of dark and light energy with the destructive power multiplied by the tails)

Anvil1: It’s too late *nijuu bomb hits him and dragon causing a huge atomic bomb nearly destroying the tower and everything around them while urk used the tails to protect his family members from the explosion*

Pain: *Coughs* Is..that a crater?????

Kaos: *looks up at where anvil and the dragon were only seeing smoke* it seems this could be a problem!

Deception: Primed…take Kaos and go to A Squad now.

Primed: Sir why?

[Base Tower]

SEV: Target:Eliminate Humans *detects A Squad nearby

* Summons his Mech beast with 8 tails and heads towards Warground*


Pain: Guys go now! Stop that thing and help A Squad!

Kaos and Primed: Roger! *Teleports out

Anvil1/Evolved: I already told you it was too late…*smoke clears to show anvil with 10 tails and the dragon wings and his fists becoming metal*

Pain: Impossible….

Deception: *thinks shit this could be a problem hes in semi God mode two more evolutions and hes at the level he needs to be and to top it off hes at the same level as me right now which means* Pain move im going level 4 bomb the tower now!

Pain: Roger *heads towards the inside of the tower*

Deception/Leveled up: Now lets do this! *powers up blast while anvil powers up his* Nijuuu BOMB!!!!!

Anvil1/Evolved: GREAT BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Both balls of energy hit each other causing a huge blast in the air both of them getting caught in it*


Kaos: And yeah thats all we know Daemon.

Avarice: Just like back then damn it!

Primed: Avarice this time it is different last time it was mutual now we are winning so calm down!

Daemon: *sees a monster coming realizing it is a beast* Oh Crap…

Killzone: *pulls out double pistols and goes to level 3 at the same time* Level 3 now!

*Everyone goes level 3*

Fost: Holy Crap we gotten more powerful since out last time we all used this!

Mckenzy: Ikr!

Titan: Feels good now lets finish this!

*Everyone aims nade and rocket launcher level 3 at the beast except Titan and Kaos*

SEV:…Incoming attacks possible damage 22% Calculated hits 82%

*Everyone shoots launchers at beast*

SEV/Beast Form: Heh, Finally my full Robotic Form is complete *deflects blasts*

Kaos: *Teleports behind SEV with buzz Titan and the team’s 22 nades*


Buzzard1: Don’t underestimate my team! *slices and shoots down SEV*

SEV: Damn humans! *grabs sword* dont underestimate the machines!

*Fost and killzone shoots from far away*

Fost and Killzone: Dont touch our friends you damn machine!

*Xniper shows up in level 3 with a huge man cannon on top of SEV* DIE! *Shoots it making SEV loses a piece of his armor on his chest*

Titan: *holding 22 nades and adds it to his own launcher* *Teleports in front of SEV with gun to face* LEVEL 3 BLAZE SHOT!


*BLAST Gives out huge light then all of a sudden*

Titan: No way is that…


End of 005


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