008:Path In The Darkness



Seva: You will never defeat me, for I am an all-power machine! No one can stop me!

iTitan: *Appears right behind him* Except for me. *Uses psi swords to cut Seva into pieces, destroying his core*

Chosen: Wow. That was… wow.

Seva: *reassembles, but without core* Fools. I will be back to destroy you. *Teleports*

Dave: Well, at least he’s gone.

Mckenzy: Yeah, but he will be back. Sooner. Or later.

Daemon: Yes, but we will be ready when he does.

*Huge explosion goes off*

Kaos: Guys, we have bigger problems!!!! *Huge white light beams right above their heads, they see body flying*

Deception: Gah!! You will not defeat me Anvil!

Anvil: Fool, you have no power over me. For I am The Ancient of Time!

Titan: Oh shit! That’s him!!!!! Deception’s fucked!! Unless… *Whispers to Daemon* Let’s go back to base, and level up to 5. We’ll need some time, but it will work.

Daemon: *whispers back* Are you crazy!!! Two levels at the same time?!?!? That’s physically impossible!

iTitan: I’ve been working on some new technology. It helps you level up and there is no harm done to you. But I haven’t tested it.

Daemon: So, what you’re saying is, we are going to be the first ones to test it?

iTitan: That is correct. Either you level up and defeat Anvil, or die in the process of levelling up.

Daemon: Fine, I will take that chance.

iTitan: *To group* Guys, Daemon and I need to go. We have some private business to attend to.

Chosen: *winks at Titan* We will cover for you. Hope you get back safely.

Daemon: Thank you guys very much. Just in case, take care of Phinxz for me, will you?

Dave: Sure thing, Daemon.

*Daemon and iTitan teleport to Base*

Allen: Without them, we have no chance of winning this battle.

Dave: Relax, Allen, we’re just watching the battle between Lord Deception and Anvil. The war is not going on.

Emily: *Radio* Guys, no report of activity on our side. We just saw a beam of white light somewhere in your direction.

Kaos: *Radio* Yeah, we got a major battle between Lord Deception and Anvil over here. Teleport over, we have popcorn and front row seats!







Axel: Titan!! Daemon!!! Are you alright in there???

Daemon: *cough cough* Yeah. I think the machine broke… DAMN!

iTitan: Yep, it’s destroyed pretty bad.

Axel: *runs in there* Woah, guys, there’s a yellow glow around you!!

Daemon: Huh, seems there is. Cool! *chews newly refreshed gum*

iTitan: Well, I certainly feel powerful.

Axel: Then it worked.

Daemon: Yeah, but the machine is broken.

iTitan: Well, what are you gonna do. We still need to rest before our big battle with Lord Deception.

Daemon: Alright.



Chosen: Woah. What is that?

Axel: It looks like a half cat, half dragon.

Cole: It looks so cute! *Dracat spits fire on him* OWWWW! That thing is vicious!

Dave: Guys, look, it has a message.

Dracat*recorded voice*: You will have to fight me for it.

Cole: Alright, guys, I got this. REVENGE TIME!!!!! *Throws grenade at it, grenade explodes* See, piece of cake! *Gets tackled by Dracat*

Chosen: Cole, watch out! *Takes out sniper and shoots Dracat* Ok then.

Dracat *recorded voice*: Congratulations. You have beaten my Dracat. Here is the message. *Message appears in front of our characters*


Greetings, BOA members. It is I, leader of Oblivion. You may not know me, but I know you. I have been silently watching over you from afar. You people are not bad, but not very good, either. You people are just my level. So this is my war declaracion. You have attacked my allies more than once, and if they cannot fight back, which they can’t I will fight back for them.

Thank you for your time.

Leader of Oblivion.

Everyone: …

Chosen: So what he’s saying is, we have to fight a clan we don’t even know?

Kaos: I think so.

Dave: And with UKV, Titan, and Daemon doing something, we are the only ones who can battle.

Emily: *Radio* Along with A and C group.

A group: YEAH!!!!
C group: OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!

Chosen: *Radio* Alright, A and C groups, thank you. We will send a message with iPhinxz’s and Axel’s approval.


Daemon: Alright, Titan, I’m ready.

iPhinxz: Wait bro. There’s something I need to ask you before you leave.

Daemon: Yeah, bro?

iPhinxz: Can I have the whole room if you don’t come back?

Daemon: Sure, bro. But don’t count on it, I plan on coming back.

iPhinxz: Alright bro. And iTitan, take care of my bro out there, will ya?

iTItan: Sure thing, man.

Axel: Are you two suited up?

iTitan: Yes.

Axel: Then goodbye to the both of you and may Eric Gurt be with your souls.

Daemon: Thank you Axel. *Both fly off into midst of battle*


Dave: Guys, look! *points to Daemon and iTitan* They are flying!

Chosen: Looks like they have gone to Level 5.

*iTitan and Daemon salute to Chosen while flying to fight Anvil*

Kaos: Now we can enjoy the show.

*WarGround suddenly goes dark*

Kaos: Awwww!!!

Chosen: Good job, you jinxed it.


Deception: *Panting*

Anvil: Are you already tired*

Deception: No.

Anvil: Then what are you doing

Deception: Waiting.

Anvil: For what?

Deception, iTitan, Daemon: THIS!!! *All three tackle Anvil full force and smash him into a wall.

Anvil: Fools. You cannot defeat me with that. KIIII BLAST

*All Dodge it*

Deception: Thank you guys for coming here. I probably couldn’t go on anymore if it wasn’t for you.

iTitan: No problem, Deception.

Deception: Now, power up your Nijuu Bombs, we are doing it at the same time.

Daemon: But won’t it hurt us as well?

Deception: Yes, it will, but in order to destroy Anvil, we must sacrifice some of our life as well.

iTitan: If we have to, then let’s do it.

Anvil: Ahaha. Nobody can ever defeat me. For I am the great and powerful ANVIL!

Deception: Nobody can defeat you alone. But together, we can defeat you.

All Three: NIJUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Giant blast of white light fills the area, destroys everything in a 5 mile radius*


Dave: Goddamnit I can’t see anything!!!

Allen: Good job jinxing it, Kaos.

Kaos: How many times do I have to say that I’m sorry?????

Chosen: Enough to turn the light on in the whole area.

Kaos: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m… *White blast fills the sky* See, it worked!! *Anvil crashes at their feet, in pieces, area goes dark again* Shit.

Anvil: You BOA will be destroyed soon, but not now. *Teleports to same place as Seva*

Chosen: Guys, look, there’s a faint path!!

Dave: Hmm. That is interesting. Should we follow it?

Allen: Of course. We don’t have any other choice. Our teleporters are broken due to the EMP. *Tries to teleport*

Chosen: Fine then. Off we go.

Dave: Where are Deception, Titan, and Daemon?

*soft coughs coming from edge of forest*

Allen: Maybe that is them.

*They follow the coughing*

iTitan: Well *coughs* that was shit.

Daemon: Yeah. Where is Deception? *Feels around* Ah, here he is. Deception!

Deception: *Groans*

Titan: Ah, shit, he’s weak.

Daemon: Looks like we have to drag him.

Titan: But we are weak ourselves.

Deception: No, guys, I will not let you help me. I will… have to… walk by myself… *Coughs*

Daemon: No, Deception. You will injure yourself even more.

Allen: Daemon? Titan? Deception?

iTitan: Yes, it is us.

Daemon: We need help. Deception is weak.

Chosen: I’m afraid we can’t see you. It is pitch dark out here.

iTitan: You don’t say? I thought it was so light, you would be blinded by a black sheet of paper!

Kaos: …

Allen: Guys. Just feel around. Maybe we’ll find them. *Accidentally trips over Deception*

Deception: *Groans*

Allen: Found him!

Chosen: Ok, guys, lift him up and let’s continue on the path.

*iTitan and Daemon get up slowly, lift up Deception*

Kaos: So, how was that battle?

Daemon: Pretty good. We defeated him, didn’t we?

Chosen: Yes, you did, but he retreated.

iTitan: Well, I guess we’ll be seeing him soon, along with Seva.

Deception: Yes… I predicted… this would happen… (coughs)

*Continue along path*

Allen: Guys, do you see that?

iTitan: See what? My vision’s blurry from the white blast.

Allen: That light up ahead. And that music *they suddenly enter a room.

ChainedApocalypse: Welcome. To Oblivion.

END OF 008

P.S. Guys this is my 40th post (PTY)


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