003: Attack of the Army!


Lord Avarice: Look over there! The army!

Daemon: *Shouts to Phinxz* Get off my back, nikka! We got problems!

Phinxz: Alright, alright. Jeez.

iTitan: *Radio to base* Should we call in A Squad?

Deception: *Radio to WarGround* No, Titan, we do not need our A Squad yet. I think you guys are fine down there. A Squad is reserved for desperate measures only.

Killzone: So what’d the boss say, Titan?

iTitan: He said we do not need A Squad yet.

Killzone: Well, shit. At least, now the only thing we have to do is fight for our lives!!! *Holds up Sword* CHAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Everyone starts screaming and running at the army*

Xniper: Well, time to kill some bitches. *Quickscopes 8 people in 3 seconds flat* 8 down, 1,000 to go!

Fost: *Takes out Minigun level 2* Time for some showers- Bullet showers!!!! *Sprays the army with 500 bullets a second, kills 100 people*


Awesomeguy24: Looks like everything is going well down there, sir.

Deception: Great. We have absolutely no need for our elite team.

Dave: Hey guys!!! What’d I miss?

Lord Avarice: Well, you missed a whole lot of the war, and the Juggernaut attack.

Dave: Yeah, I know about the wa- WAIT, THERE WAS A JUGGERNAUT ATTACK?!?!?!?!?

Awesomeguy24: Yeah dude, there was a lot of shit going on. We better keep you and the rest of your A Squad updated.

Dave: Yeah, we have nothing to do but sit around and practice for maybe nothing.

Deception: Dave, chill bro. You’ll get your chance. Soon…*looks off into the distance*


iTitan: Dammit I’m losing ammo on these bitches *Drops Assault Rifle, picks up Shotgun* Heh, maybe this will work. *Shoots 8 enemies in the head in 5 seconds*

Allen: *Radio to Base* Base, we need more supplies! We’re running out of ammo!!!

[Base]Deception: Kaos, go there and give them some ammo!

[Base]Kaos: Sir yes sir! *teleports to BattleGround*

Deception: *Radio to BattleGround* We got a guy teleporting right now to give you some extra ammo. You’ll see him. It’s Kaos.

Allen: Kaos! Finally! Gimme some of dat ammo! *B and C Squads cluster around him*

Kaos: Woah guys! You still have a war to fight! I’ll give you the supplies, but in time. *Shoots 10 enemies and kills them in 8 seconds flat*

Fost: Yeah guys! Let’s go! We might be low on ammo but high in spirit! We still got a war to win!

*Everybody shouts with renewed energy and keeps on fighting*

Xniper: *Kills 5 enemies* This is easy–*Gets shot in the leg* Ahh shit! I’m hit!

Kaos: Ahaha that rhymes! *Rushes to him with healing pill*

Xniper: Thanks. *Runs at the enemy and dodges their shots while slicing the shit out of them*

Kaos: *Shouts after him* No problem man!


Avarice: Sir, we are holding up just fine, but the enemy keeps on coming and coming. WAIT. IS THAT A TANK?!?!?

Deception: You are right, Avarice. You can go in there and tell the A Squad to prepare for battle. They are going in.

Avarice: Sir yes sir! *Radio to A Squad* All of you, prepare for battle. We are going full out on those bitches. Use all of your secret equipment. Avarice out! *Teleports to BattleGround*

[A Squad]

Dave: You hear that Squad? We are moving in! Bring your Tanks and Grenade towers and your Railguns, cause we are about to go full out on those bitches!!!

Emily: Let’s go guys! We are gonna kick some DK ass!

*A Squad shouts in agreement*

Jay: Then let’s go!

*Garage door opens* *50 tanks roll out with Grenade towers on top of them*


Avarice: Sup guys?

*Titan and Fost jump*

Fost: Why the fuck did you scare us like that?

Avarice: Well, I just radioed to A Squad, and let’s just say, hell is about to get loose. Look over there! *Points to garage*

Allen: Awww Yeaahhh. Shit’s about to go down right here and right now.

*Deafening railgun shot shakes the ground and kills 50 enemies*


:~-~::~-~:END OF 003:~-~::~-~:


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