BOA’s League Recruitment Page

We are BOA Gaming and we are a gaming community focused solely on League of Legends for the time being. We believe we can bring you a premium League of Legends experience, based around both casual play and competitive play.

Casual Players

  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Regular Normal Games
  • Regular Custom/Ranked Games
  • Coaching for People of a Lower Rank
  • Good People to Duo Queue with

Competitive Players

  • Custom Ranked Team Channels
  • Free Agents Sorted by Division
  • High Tier Coaching
  • People of a Similar Division to Duo Queue with
  • Personal Team Sections on our Forum

There is no level requirement, so don’t worry if you are under level 30, we will still accept you. We will even help you reach level 30 with our happy attitude and sunny disposition.
As I mentioned before, we have our own website and TeamSpeak where you can have in depth discussions and even lighthearted ones with your fellow members. Our Website offers first class wordpress forums maintained on a high level by our top notch staff, a gallery to share images with your new friends and a calendar to check all of our events (For example our monthly 1v1 Tournament) for you to win good prizes like Mystery Skins and Forum Medals.

We have a full list of rules on our website but for joining you must be:

  • Age must be 16 or Older, Sorry Kids
  • Must Have a Working Microphone
  • Must Be Respectful

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