BOA Rebels: Chapter: Three

As we left off on Chapter Two, Daemon, Sam, and Sparrow was captured by the Templars


Jade: Help! Help!

Lord Deception: What? Whats wrong Jade, where are the rest of you?

Jade: Captured, trapped, gone!

Supercoolex: Ok, Ok Calm down! Talk slowly.

Jade: They *takes a breath* were captured by the Templars, and told me to get reinforcements.

Lord Deception: Shit.

Strat: Seems like Plan A went into a rescue mission.

Lord Deception: Alright this has turned into an Act.

Supercoolex: We should go at night and rescue them.

Eno: *Cracks Knuckles* Let me get my black suit, much more better at night than the day.

Lord Deception: Well while we wait until it gets dark, lets check out the dropship before we depart to our destination.

Start: I guess me and Supercoolex can do that.

Supercoolex: Yea sure I’ll help.

Lord Deception: Then i’ll gather more Assassins to help.


*At the Templar Barracks Detention  Level*

Templar Assassin: Eat up.

Daemon: Such a traditor

Templar Assassin: What is that?

Daemon: Brother to Brother, your just a traditor, never had no faith in your self, to think we were demolished here.

Templar Assassin: They gave me an offer.

Daemon: And you put your greed into the offer!

Templar Assassin: It was left to rot when the Templars striked! besides, what can you assassins accomplish what we already did?

Daemon: There’s something you Templars haven’t accomplished.

Templar Assassin: And what would that be?

Daemon: Freedom…….


*At the Camp, the Dropship was checked and prepared to be ready*

Eno: Anyone seen Deception?

Strat: Waiting for him to get more Assassins, like he said.

Cynthia: Ready?

Supercoolex: Ready? Huh?

Lord Deception: I said i would be gathering more Assassins.

Strat: That is just one Assassin……….

PhantomStealth: *Reloads Shotgun* Hold your horses Strat, were coming.

NightHawk: So Deception, whats the plan?

Lord Deception: Here is how it’s gonna go, as soon as we land, we take out as many guards as possible, i believe the prints i was given for them to blow it up, there is a detention level below the barracks, we take them out, we get Daemon and the rest, and we leave.

Jade: But what about the bombs?

Lord Deception: My suggestion is that you set them, it’s still your assignment. Anyways whats are ETA?

Strat: ETA at 3 Hours.


*3 Hours have past*

Sam: Do you hear that?

Sparrow: I believe they have come for us.

Assassin Templar: Huh? What is that…

Eno: I Advise that you let them go, or me and you are gonna rumble.

Assassin Templar: Bring it on Terrorist.

Eno: *Walks forward* You understand i blew up half of texas while kicking your templars asses, Right?

Daemon: Texas? The heck were you doing there.

Eno: Kicking ass.

*Eno uses pistol and takes the assassin templar to the floor*

Sam: Hope that was a headshot, i hope because the food they give to these prisoners seem horrible.

Eno: Hmm, ah the keys.

*Eno opens the door*

Eno: No time to waste, others are out there.

Daemon: Wait! There are 2 Prisoners here, i won’t leave them stranded here to starve.

Eno: Your orders

*Daemon, Sam, Sparrow, Eno, and the following 2 prisoners follow up to the dropships in a middle of a warzone*

Eno: Why are there two dropships?

Supercoolex: Cynthia, Nighthawk, and Phantom was sent on anouther mission to help Blackhawk!

Strat: This idiot tried to cut my neck off!

Lord Deception: Fall back! We have the remaining people, now move!

Sam: Ooo, a rocket launcher.

Supercoolex: Rocket Launcher!?

Jade: Give me that, since it’s my job to blow this thing up.

*Jade triggers the rocket launcher, blowing up the Barracks*

Sam: Hell Yea! These Templars can kiss my ass if that is all they got!

Lord Deception: This is not all over. Strat, Coolex, take us back to camp.


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