004:The Path to Darkness

[Passing Warground]

*Shots are fired and tanks shooting at each other*

BOA Soldier: Sir, We cannot seem to Find the Other Squads we have sent a beacon to the air so they may return to Campus:

Mcshroom: *Speaks in Microphone* Copy that contacting Dave for his Squad for now let’s move out!

Garjacker25: *calls Sniped base to shoot down enemies on sight while they push through to get into the middle of WarGround* Eh we shouldn’t have anymore problems from here on out guys.

Dave:*Teleports to A Squad meeting with them* It seems like Emily and Jay are late *they teleport to him* Nvm -.-

Emily: What’s the status Cmdr? *holds gun on shoulder*

Mcshroom: Nothing yet we just got two companies heading towards Battleground but most shot down by SniPeD.

Garjacker25: We also seemed to have got a signal  from B and A Squad’s Position from our last contact.

Jay: *Shoots enemy from far away with his sniper*

*Emily dave Shroom and Gar all put out their rail guns swords and pistols and charges the remaining forces that stands through their goal*

Emily: *shoots 4 enemies the head while trying to get out the bombing section*Damn It at this rate we gonna miss all the fun!

Dave: Ikr let’s pick it UP! *Slices through enemies with his sword cut tornado technique*

Jay:*Tosses nades and flips over 17 enemies landing on his feet swords shining then all the heads roll on the floor* I wonder how is B-Squad Doing?

[WarGround Middle]

Mckenzy: Damn seems like this army is getting bigger but weaker soldiers *shoots the hole area with his railgun v2*

Killzone: Well can you blame them? They probably saving the best for last at the War Tower a few miles Ahead.

Iphinxz: *Slices through 4 enemies and tosses telenade to jump up and snipe 3 more* Seems legit, it looks like their isnt many left.

Fost: Next things on the list is kill the Boss Right? *punches and knocks out 5 enemies*

Xniper: Correct *jumps down to field*

Titan: *looks down at his friends*…

Allen: What’s Wrong Titan seem to be worried..

Kaos: *kills the last enemies that he sees* yeah we are winning what’s your deal?

Titan:*thinks back to what Urkiller told him a few days ago prior before the war then nods at daemon* Nothing at all…

Kaos: Ima check on Urk brb.


Deception: Titan and Daemon, I have regret to inform you that the beginning of this war will be hard but the easiest part because the enemy behind this is 2 of the old prophets and most likely 1 of you is their prime target.

Titan: But can’t we just use level 4 and finish the 1st part of the war then?

Daemon: Yeah! I was thinking if we did that then maybe-

Deception: Save it cause odds are….from 1-1000 The 2 prophets are at least two levels above that with only 50%

Daemon and Titan:…..

Deception im not there since im at the same level as them *coughs blood* damn my condition but anyways take this it will give you one more level for only a  few hours and that is it.

Titan: *Grabs urkiller’s medicine*

Daemon: *looks at urkiller surprised hes healing* Heh in 2 days we head out you need approximately 3 days to heal leave this to us!

Titan: *looks at daemon knows he is lying cause his condition is different from illness but nods* Yeah! Count on us.

Deception: Putting on a brave face is your BS and i can read it, We all know my evolution is forcing upon me to become my God Mode if that ever happens that means i could end the war but the power may be too much *gives daemon and Titan extra power from his own*That should be enough…

[Warground Front]

Avarice: i cant believe we have to finish the tankers *pulls out burrett and destroys tanks and slices down a jet*

Flame 180: Yeah well what do you expect? *shoots enemy behind Avarice with silent pistol*

Plazma: How about a little less complaining more kicking ass -_- *slices through enemy gun pointing behind flame and snaps his neck *

Flame 180: o_O I couldnt even sense him..*notices ghost suit*

Buzzard1: Well then i see there isnt too many of the suits here maybe the max 10 *analyzes suit for tech and structure*

Avarice: *Jumps up to a building and sends nades everywhere* Stay in this section guys! ALOT OF BOMBS INCOMING!

[Heading Towards The Tower]

Deception:…At least this time i can end this once and for all…

Pain: Sir, Im not sure we should do this without more help…

Primed: I agree that is one huge army-

*Deception launches a huge blast killing most and puts on his hood back on*

Primed: Nvm then.

Pain: Well then…didnt expect you to become so much stronger especially in just 3 days…

Deception (Hood on): Things change.

Kaos: *Teleports to urk* Hmm seems like your ok urkiller :D

Deception (Hood on): I always am

*A roar comes from the Forbidden Tower that lies ahead of them*

Pain: WHAT was that!

Deception (Hood on): Hmph…Finally he’s back….

*Eternal and Crifity arrives to see how BOA is doing*

Crif: Heh, guess we missed the party?

Eternal10: I guess so lol

*See’s a huge mechanical Dragon coming out of Tower*

Eternal: or maybe not….

[Mech Lab]

Warmachine1: Damn these machines!

[SEV]:Offline Mode: 82% Complete…..

Warmachine: What have i done…I created a monster *destroys his projects and leaves*

End of 004


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