BOA Law Enforcement

Laws and Degrees

Alright, few things to clear up: Main Commander references BoredPro, Commander references waso, HR’s reference HR’s and sometimes all the ranks higher than them depending on the context.

Superior Law:

1. Commanders are able to break the law as long as they have clear reasoning for their actions, and they have to agree as a unison. The Commanders are BoredPro,Waso &  Thantos. (May be questioned by the HR’s)

Major Laws:

1. You are not allowed to change your rank without being officially promoted by a higher officer. Caught breaking this Law shall result in a punishment. This Law applies to ALL members.

2. Ranks/Roles are to NOT be given out to someone that does not deserve them. If caught doing so, you shall be punished by your superiors. This Law applies to ALL members.

3. Making someone NOT related to BOA in any way a High Rank, Supervisor, Ally or Bot Commander in the BOA Chat is strictly forbidden. Failure to follow this Law shall result in a severe punishment from the Commander. This Law only affects any role able to give roles.

4.Do not give away vital information of BOA to a member of a clan that is not affiliated with BOA. This applies to ALL members with access to BOA’s secret pages.

5. Orders issued by a supervisor or higher to you cannot be halted by someone of his rank or below. Cancelling an issued order is also prohibited at all times, even if it is cancelled by someone above your superior (HR’s and Commanders have the right to halt it if he sees necessary), unless it clashes with a Law. You can give orders to someone of your rank, but ONLY if the Main Commander approves of it.

6. You CANNOT rejoin/join BOA if you have been banned from BOA or after 3 attempts of being rejected.

7. No Superior may order or implement a restriction or silencing of chatting or commenting of any BOA or ally member. This excludes those who are striked and spamming due to breaking of laws or policies.

8.Any Members are allowed to suggest or recommend a change to the whole BOA Clan/Nation as long as it does not violate any laws,rules or policy in BOA.

10. Anyone found un-banning people in the ban list without authorization from someone of higher rank is caught will be kicked for the day and be made member for 1 week or longer depending on how harsh that person’s ban was, they’ve been banned for a reason, leave them alone! (Approved by 2 Co Founders)

11.The new law is all members of allied clans or neutral clans are allowed on chat as members who are not on the ban list but If a non-member on the chat insults a BOA member that they take in offense, they will not be protected by the same rights,laws,policies,acts or rules and will be kicked until further notice.

(major laws will be punished depending on what either commander or HRs think is appropriate for the punishment)

Minor Laws:

1. Making alliances with other clans non affiliated with BOA without the leaders’ authorization is highly unadvised.

2. Respect ALL BOA members at ALL times, unless they are fakes.(Approved by 2 Co Founders)

3. Never act in a way that will give BOA a bad reputation. Caught doing so shall result in a punishment. 

4. Do NOT ask for a promotion. You will be summoned for a promotion if your superiors see you fit for one. T

5. Abusing of your rights in the BOA Chat is strictly forbidden.

6. Disrespecting members of allied clans is strictly forbidden.

7. If a game has an option to set a clan name, you must set it to BOA. 

8. You can not be in OTHER CLANS other than BOA. 

9. All posts you make must be fully clean of any profanity allied to another clan.

10. A person who requests a meeting MUST show up at that meeting, failure to do so is pretty much straight forward depending how important the meeting was.

11. A meeting must have at least 3 HRs or it will not be an official meeting. (I’d say at least 1 commander and 1 HR or 2 HRs min- waso123)

 12. Before one decides to make an expansion, he/she will have to make a request and at least have 3 HRs approve of your request, otherwise it will be denied. (I don’t think needing request from 3 HRs for an expansion will be needed, I’d say at least 2 HRs or 1 commander or the leader.)


Rare Laws.


1.Disobeying or disrespecting your superior is forbidden at all times, unless the superior’s orders break the Laws of BOA. Any member found disregarding an order will be punished severely!


The Detention Center:

If a BOA Member makes a “joke” that offends a superior, he/she will be punished according to the standards below and how offensive it was.

*First Detention Is a warning.

*Second Detention: demotion of 2 to 3 ranks for a MAX of 3 to 5 days.

*Third Detention: his/her Detention will be discussed between the leaders if it should be a 5-rank demotion or a PERMANENT demotion or banishment.

~This Law is to ensure that BOA members won’t play too much and hurt the feelings/pride of their superiors.

Laws and Degrees:

Laws: A Law is a rule or term that everyone is legally obligated to follow and if necessary passed onto others, if broken it will bring upon a consequence.


1st Degree: Verbal Warning Chat demotion for 1 day, possible 1 rank demotion depending on Law broken.

2nd Degree: Offensive Warning Chat demotion for 1 week. Membership for 1 to 3 ranks depending on Law broken.

3rd Degree: Disobeying a mission or an order given out by a superior and 3 Laws broken results in a 4-rank demotion. Chat demotion for 1 month.

Final Degree: 4 Laws Broken, disrespected a Supervisor or higher, results in a 5-rank demotion. Court trial: possible banishment.

Clan Degrees

  • 1*/2*/3* you must follow the ones here or be banned from the chat.
  • 1* – you will be membered and members of your clan will be Member. (Neutral Clan)
  • 2* – you will be an ally but your members will still be Member.(Allied not fully trusted)
  • 3* – you will be an ally and your clan members will be ally. (Favorable Ally)

Official chat rules: Chat demotion offenses (High Rank->Supervisor->Member->Chatter->kicked from chat): 

  • Banning without a legitimate reason.
  • Kicking without a legitimate reason.
  • Demoting others chat roles without a legitimate reason.
  • Inciting disorder/ using position for freedom against chat punishments.
  • Unbanning enemies/traitors.
  • Giving chat roles to enemies/traitors.
  • No posting inappropriate links, pictures, others that would contain porn, nudity or other related content.
  • Impersonating with/without reason.

Kicking offenses (Chatters/Members only):

  • Raging
  • Spamming
  • Trolling
  • Attempting to create disorder in-chat
  • Demanding a higher rank.

Note: More Rules Shall Be Added In The Future by the HR’s,Supervisors and Commanders