9 comments on “BOA NOW DEAD?

  1. Reblogged this on GSA and commented:
    Just an interesting post from the BoA site. I haven’t heard any news from them for a while, but maybe we’re not the last surviving clan after all.
    Still the oldest, but maybe not by as far as we thought, eh? Curious retrospective, though.

  2. Didn’t know BoA was still alive, really. Nice to hear it’s still going, at least a little.

  3. BOA is alive, it’s just everyone in the clan is still busy with their normal lives, myself, for example; I am still currently at school (a 17 year old still at high school? the fuck is wrong with Australia) on my last year of school, while going through applications of joining the AADF (Australian Army Defence Force).

    but yeah, other than myself I believe Bored is still in Cooleg and the other guys I have no idea.

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