8 comments on “Debate

  1. for the 1st matter, myself, air and Akashi have been working on the Laws for a while, but I wouldn’t say they’re good to use rn, I would like to ask any clan member/ally member if they would like to suggest any rules for BOA.
    2nd matter: once I leave school everything should be fine, as of communication however, it might be difficult as I will be trying for joining the Australian Defence Force.
    3rd matter: I say we try to find online games that can create clans/guilds for our members, I haven’t found many as I can’t really do much on this FUCKING SHIT LAPTOP, and OMG GUYS, NEW MEM STICK FOR OUR PC IS ON THE WAY!!!!!! I’LL PROBABLY BE ABLE TO PLAY STEAM AND SHIET!!!! 😀 so yeah, that’s a good thing, once that I’ll set up an outfit on planetside 2, if any of you guys would like to join, it’s f2p so do NOT worry! and fyi, there are multiple different servers so just DM me on discord if you want, I’ll make an account for that server and everything should be A-ok, peace out!

    • Waso as my 2nd in command and the most talented man I met at your age I would expect you to inform us of new allies or approvals you give others through a post at least. I’m curious how does usf benefits us?

  2. 1.) True, I don’t think our revisions in the Law page aren’t exactly most accurate, however we did change it so that it’ll be close to what we want it to be, and another reason is we made a different page for the new one, so we’ll be able to revise it. (idk if it’s still there)

    2.) It’s still Summer Holidays for me, so it should be fine.

    3.) Right now I’d put minimal attention to our reputation and focus on the growth of the clan.

    • You should be telling air about the reputation. I have discussed this with you guys a few times and I will say that a movement for all new laws should be suggested.

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