17 comments on “Biggest Change Suggestion For BOA Since The 2nd Gen

  1. Maybe. I have currently finished my junior year and will have more time for these things, but I will not be active in PB2 or any other game anytime soon. If anyone wants to add me on PSN, my IGN is iTitan_Extreme. I play Rocket League, BO3, Advanced Warfare, NFS, GTA, and FIFA 15. If you still want me, I’ll be happy to help, but not in a full clan role.

  2. Dragon Nest, Vindictus, or Riders of Icarus are my first recommendations.

    We could try to do another AQW Guild, however someone needs to be a member…

  3. some days, time to play UHC in minecraft server perhaps?


    the clan activity session is not as hot as before. <—–(I mean all the clans)

    nowadays just like few clans which do their own things. The relative contraction is ripped out.

    so. since Plazma burst 2 is not that useful since Plazma burst 2.5 will come out in few years. Each player are bored on the features on PB2.

    how about minecraft? looks like it's still updating itself (although version 1.10 until 1.14.0 are minor updates, but at least they have some new things to do it :D)

    orwise we can find some steam online games. yep.

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