22 comments on “Still Alive N Strong

  1. somedays this clan rises, somedays it falls, but most of the time it just chills and waits for new things to arrive, I’m still grateful of bored letting me be a HR of BOA because without BOA I would be bored shitless with nothing to do XD so for those that are from whatever generation of BOA, I thank you. especially you Bored, mah niggah.

  2. HEY GUYS I DONT HAVE INTERNET FROM THE PAST MONTH and the next 2 months as well 😦 soo that is partly why I havent been much active :l sry for caps..

  3. It’s ok Lord, we all kind of have other shit to deal with instead of gaming so BOA will be a tad inactive.

  4. It seems we’ve found a few games we can all play, even if there aren’t any games to play, BOA will still live on no matter what.

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