14 comments on “Welcome Home + Introductions

    • Im what they call the best Support in the game. im always focusing on stunning and healing. my main is braum,karma,and katirina. im kinda new to this group . i mostly play strategically, by luring my opponents into traps, then poking them

      • Touch of the undying is my favorite mastery because you dont have to recall back to base. the only problem is that your mana cant usually keep up. so usually you’ll see me with no mana and a full bar of health in tema fights. you mostly catch me with members like leaguemaster, and truekiller235

  1. I have been “online” since 1988 in one way or the other. Played my first rts online then, lol.
    Downloaded Doom at 2400 baud the night it came out. Built my first pc in ’88.

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