14 comments on “Clan Status Management

  1. I can’t seem to understand. ”Ranked Members” seem to be normal players, but has the right to suggest and I feel like they’re the same as ”Official members” anyway.
    Also can you make it clearer of what these ”Veteran,Golden Members, Bronze Members, Recruiter” ranks actually do? You make them sound like the ranks in League of Legends.
    I could only understand this because I played League for quite a while back then. Bored, remember that you shouldn’t use stuff from League of Legends, I feel as though the names here are just copied from the game. At least make it simpler so that people can understand it easier. I could barely understand it myself, I only understood after reading 3 times.

    • Oh right, I agree with this idea. [ + ]
      But it we just need to change some things (like naming) then it might be good to go.

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