23 comments on “Supposedly the meeting of today

  1. I decided to quit BOA.
    No one comes to the meeting
    I feel like no one cares about BOA
    Maybe i just put too much effort to revive BOA
    Maybe no one really cares at all

    I dun rlly know wat to do…

  2. I would like everyone’s opinion on why new members are leaving or becoming inactive so soon?

    I break down 3 possible reasons
    Reason 1 – Do not understand how to use wordpress

    Self-explanatory, nothing much we can do about it

    Reason 2 – Not much to be involved in

    This is the key problem I feel like this clan has. The clan is a mess, with uncertain amount of ACTIVE members who would like to help revive BOA and contribute the clan. New members dun see a reason why to stay in a still and boring clan and became inactive.

    Reason 3 – The games we are involved in doesn’t necessary require a clan.

    SAS4, Bloons TD Battles, CoC too I meant we pretty much have in-game chat.. PB2 is dead

    I really need more ideas and opinions to solve the problems on why new members are leaving or becoming inactive so soon. Any ideas or opinions is really appreciated.

    I am Nyove, signing out! 😀

    • Well, [Reason 1] is highly unlikely, unless we are recruiting idiots that can’t even comment. I kinda agree with [Reason 2], I’m not certain who is actually active and if they do anything (because I can’t see anyone online much because of time zones). [Reason 3] I agree with this too, we’re going to need a new game, SAS 4 is good already, but I’m not so in with BTD and CoC.

      • I know but later as the time past these peoples are going to be inactive. We need to find solutions to this problems.

        To solve reason two we first need to learn how much member is actively contributing to BOA by kicking out all inactive members. (advice from wad from BoZ)

      • Good BoredPro has cleared up the clan a little bit so lets find the solution to reason [Reason 2].

        Alright we have to try to maintain the amount of members we have right now and when we recruit other people, WE have to make sure they don’t go inactive by being involved in the clan. Even as a member, they can always chip in some ideas and effort into growing this clan. This is what I feel like but I don’t know how to ‘entertain’ these ‘guests’.

      • It seems to me that Nyove, me, Dystress, Thanatos, dave and bored are literally the only members of the clan that follow one of the rules, *be active in chat and website at least once or twice a week*
        I’m probs more active than just once or twice lel but still, where tf are the new bastards?!? O.o

      • Waso made a FANTASTIC point! New members don’t bother participating or trying to be involved in this clan! How are we suppose to expand without finding WAYS to make new members PARTICIPATE MORE!

  3. all right, based on Nyove comment:
    reason 2 is maybe what I am having (problem). There’s too much people want me to join their clan but I don’t, because this clan is so much suitable for me. But as the time flies, I don’t really feel the caln is being better, I am just *dropped out* from BOA news. I only know how was BOA clan going by certain friends such as supakilla and thekillersoilder. Yea I admit that I have been few months didn’t go to there, but if I know the password of discord chat I will stay there about 5 minutes everyday.
    reason 3 is maybe half true, half false. Basiclly I am in PB2, minecraft and Spolder. What I am thinking is If you guys can make a clan in minecraft that will be fine. (but I don’t have a premium account of minecraft *sigh*)

    anyways, I guess I will start playing COC since it’s free. But I played Dota 2 instead of LOL. And counter strike, battlefield etc need money. Sorry,I cant until I have the time and money to buy counter strike.

    that’s all I guess. Any question/suggestion can tell me.
    *especially PM me the password of discord chat*

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