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  1. Now I’m assuming from discord you can add rules and topics so I’ll get online tomorrow through a pc and make you a chat moderation wih administration like powers so you and death trooper can run it smoothly. Then I’ll recruit about 4 this weekend.

  2. Ayeeeeeeeee where is everyone going to now a days? Just a quick update I’ll be on weekends usually :p any games we can all be playin? Besides LoL since it looks like no one rly cares -_-

  3. PB2 Name:Splasheo

    Account Link:http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Splasheo&id=1419695

    1.How long have you been playing?Two years

    2.Why do you want to join?I want a clan to participate in meetings and stuff

    3.Any Other Games You Play Like We Do As our Main Such as Clash of Clans,BTD or League Of Legends?I LOVE CLASH OF CLANS IM TH7!!! LOL!

    4. Three goals to achieve in this clan? Practice landing, Aiming, And rushing…

    5a.Preferred weapon in Pb2. Number 8 gun plasmagun

    5b.Military, Government or Standard Member? (choose all that apply for you)Military

    6.Who invited you?Nobody

    7.What can you bring to this clan?Nothing

    8.Past clans?None

    9. You are aware this is a non multi clan correct?Yes

    10. Extra Comments or Questions? I have to be Trial member because nobody asked me to join.

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