91 comments on “Choices

  1. So is there like a new chat or something because whenever i try to get on i see no one on. Speaking of which that is also why its hard for me to be active because i can’t really interact with anyone with no one being on.


    P.S don’t really know what my rank would be since of the change in the rank system

    [More]: If you want ill update the members list just need the “okay” seriously guys it last time it was updated was in May

  2. it says the invite has expired or is incorrect here its exact words “The instant invite is invalid or has expired

  3. btw I moved the old members list to the trash since you made the new one. I didn’t permanently delete it so if you want to recover it you can but i assumed it should be moved to the trash no point having a new members list and a out dated one

    • We already did that and made 5 categories for members for experiences. We play all games now so we don’t need a main game. Now we are a true clan.

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