19 comments on “About me, and why I am leaving this clan

  1. Omg I m so glad there is so many new members I am back btw my phone is fixed TODAY so I can play CoC woohoo

    I also play LoL, but I dun play the NA server cause I am Asian sorry I use Garena LoL

    • We aren’t really focused on that honestly. If it does it does but no clan currently that are looked up too besides us,GSA and BoZ really care when it comes out since:
      A: No clan in pb2 are mature enough to realize the difference between a clan and a group of members who want drama.
      B: MOST Of the true clans realized long ago war solves nothing and the few you don’t hear about are the ones who don’t war which is a great quality in a clan.
      OR C: The major clans don’t just focus on pb2 anymore and play other more fun games. I don’t think a new playstyle or new swords is going to do much.

    • Wait PB2.5 is coming out? I am honestly quite excited I just hope there are more simple ways in map making and lesser multiplayer bugs due to conflict of triggers 🙂 I love map making in PB2 and I hope I will get the opportunity to make greater maps for the public to enjoy 🙂

      • Well I can’t wait too. Now we can take dual guns, their will be different types of swords, water is realistic, 2.5D (XD), Blood particles dissolve in water, new guns (flamethrowers, and more). A lotta things gonna be added. Can’t wait to burn a guest with a flamethrower XD

      • Maybe they make scoping possible! Unzoom on your screen but the screen remains unzoomed, giving you a vision

        I am going to make a new map in PB2, it’s about AI bots who can do complicated stuff like walljump and airstrike and stuff xD

        Basically it’s like saw, but utilising in trigger-controlled AI enemies

  2. I just hope new members will be actively checking the website and commenting and stuff so that this clan will be lively I hope every member in BOA will have time to go to chat frequently and check out BOA website

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