17 comments on “Temp Chat

    • UrkillerV “retired” from BOA I still think……… but it does not matter i trust boredpro15 he retired from boa

      • ._. Bored, let me make this clear. I fucked up BOA’s best when I was at ⅓ of my prime. I’m about 85% back INTO my prime. You? I’ve heard no talk so you can’t be that good. I’ll have no issue fucking up BOA’s leaders once more. It’ll be a fun target practice. I mean AI on Impossible is great. But still nothing like raping a BOA. >:}

      • Uh I guess? No one including me never heard of u. Plus how can u fuck up a clan if no record or history has this Lilith you speak of. I was told the greatest threat to BOA was GSA and BOA combo. But I mean if I were to assume correctly u must assume most of us don’t have a life and actually still play PB2 ._. We are actually like BoZ now. Ignore accept or deny. Threatening online over who remembers or what u did won’t do anything at all. Look at Boz all that happened and they ignore and still the best clan in and outside of PB2. BUT uh hey I mean good luck in your life uh sir? I’m sure you are old enough to realize immaturity online is past you.

      • interesting so this whole time you were actually a guy. Well i guess it makes sense i suspected Lilith was a guy the whole time and i was right

      • boredpro15 i understand why no one you know has heard of Lilith I’m basically the only one currently in the clan that knows of Lilith as basically everyone that knew of Lilith “apparently a guy” has left. Boredpro keep in mind that the last time anyone has seen/heard of Lilith was 2-3 years ago she has kind of vanished / disappeared in the time between. This is the first time in years I heard of Lilith.

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