7 comments on “Something we can try

      • we have a xat chat. and members used to get on for a while every time they got on this website. its to keep people up to speed and comraderie going around. whats the point of being in a clan if not to hang out with others… plus we can strategize or discuss future plans for the clan etc. this is why we have died out so much, we arent actively socializing, or if we are its only a few select members in-game only. try to bring the clan back to being a clan, not just a tag in a game

      • Easier said then done. I’m not sure how to go with this but ok we go with your plan. However xat has too many people who can get the pass or reset the chat at any moment. Perhaps a secret xat chat with a password protected member only one could work.

  1. yeah like the old days. ill make a xat right now and start setting the restrictions. itll be members only and all except trusted leaders will be mod. trusted leaders as owner. ill be only main so nobody can mess with shit like always happens when multiple mains. plus itll give me something to do.

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