19 comments on “Success + Clan Name For Coc

  1. I am very sorry to deliver this depressing speech but sadly, I have to go. This is my farewell message to BOA and I hope one day when I come back, I will see this clan flourish.

    Reason for leaving this clan:
    Ya see, I had some technical issues with my CPU and unable to check this clan frequently as I used to be. Today, my CPU is not in a working condition anymore. With inconvience and limited ways to contributing the clan, I became inactive. How about leaving the clan once and for all and not worry others about my inconsiderable act of being inactive.

    BUT, rest assured when my CPU issue has been dealth with, I will surely return back to BOA. It is not me who gave up this clan, but I lost my accessibility to contribute more to this clan. And when I come back, I want this clan to grow stronger and better. I entrust this clan to you (even though I dont own this clan in anyway lol), BoredPro, a great person with great leadership and responsibility. BoredPro, make me proud. Farewell, BOA! 😦

    • I see this clan getting more and more mobile friendly, like CoC and BTDBattles you implented into the clan. I might be staying in this clan for now, but to do that I need everyones cooperate to contribute to this clan so that I can actively participate in this clan.

      I will be going to holiday in June 3rd to June 5th, so dont expect me to reply during that time period.

      Someone please make a official CoC clan so I can join the clan. I am a nooby TH6 (lol) with arounf 1000 trophies so dont make the requirement so high please. Please make sure to give me the clan tag in case there is so many similar names in of the clan. I expect alot from you, BoredPro! 🙂

      • Nonsense my good friend take some time to fix your cpu and you have about 16 percent ownership of this generation of BOA as does Dave has 20 and i only 40 so you are entitled to call it your clan. Do you have any good suggestions for clan names?

  2. Wat aboot Superior_7 i have just made clan you can check it out My Name in clan Is General Knox

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