15 comments on “Clash of Clans Troll Bases

  1. Just dropped by to see how BOA is doing. To think all this started with me failing a couple of times at clan making. Anyway straight to the point. What the hell happened!!! Last time i came here you guys revived BOA and was having a feud with EKAT or whatever their name was. Where is urkiller? Do I need to step in again. Don’t let UrkillerV’s creation die. -Alex Curry

    • This isn’t your creation boyo. BOA-R,UrkillerV and Daemons Creation is this one. The Original BOA you made over 4 years ago died long ago. You have nor will you ever have any jurisdiction here. You are lucky as the new Clan Leader I even allow you to comment or have some spot in the BOA Hall Of Fame But that is because before UrkillerV and Others Left and Then Started to Rejoin Again Told Me To Respect Anyone From The Other Old Died Off BOA. BUT I Wont Let UrkillerV ‘s Creation Die.

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