24 comments on “3 Days Notice Towards Meeting + New Positions

    • try connecting directly to xat by going to the link xat.com/BOAClanHangout wordpress does not support xat anymore so because of that do not try to access chat by clicking on the chat page

  1. Wait, my position which is the CEL, what does it stand for and I think the mebers list should change for dave.

  2. i just realized i will probably not be able to attend tomorrow so if possible could we reschedule the meeting for Sunday or maybe Saturday

  3. Once again I’m sorry guys that it did not occur to me that id be gone until today. Ill be gone from Friday to Saturday. Guys if its too much inconvenience for you guys to reschedule it on Sunday after 4 PM, you guys could always have it on Friday and just tell me what I missed

  4. Guys my CPU has broke so I could not attain the meeting anymore I only can use my mobile to comment on this clan and this incident is the reason why I am getting inactive.

    But dun worry I will always be thinking of BOA

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